We can all remember the moment when New Jersey dwellers began speaking out against Jersey Shore. And now, the kids of Party Down South have given southern partiers a bad name.

The cast and crew of CMT’s debauched reality series has packed up and left Pensacola, Fla., where they were set to film season 2, USA Today reports. A social media campaign — called Locals Against Party Down South — was launched Feb. 26 specifically to get the show relocated, citing its cast’s promiscuity and drunken nights as an embarrassment to the Pensacola community. As of Wednesday, it’s drawn over 11,000 “likes.”

Jersey Shore and Party Down South are like the tv producers big inside joke of stereotyping us,” Pensacola residents Amber Kelley and Bri Snellgrove wrote in a Facebook post Feb. 27. “PDS makes a mockery of our Southern pride by showing adults who claim to have manners and then cut immediately to some of the worst behavior seen outside of a frat house.

“CMT issued a press release in May 2013 and the original name of the show: Dirty South,” they continued. “Why do you think they changed it? CMT can keep their rendition of the South, ain’t nobody got time for that!”

Local businesses are taking the show’s departure in stride, despite the financial losses they’ve incurred since Party Down South left town. Hotelier Julian MacQueen even canceled a $1 million deal with the series’ production company, 495 Productions, in which he had agreed to put up the PDS team in his Gulf front properties. “It was really an image thing,” MacQueen told USA Today. “We spent millions and millions of dollars investing in an image for Pensacola Beach that gets away from the whole Redneck Riviera crap. I hate that image. That’s not who we are.”

495, which was also responsible for Jersey Shore, has yet to comment on the situation. Perhaps the show can party up north?

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