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Spoiler alert: If you have not watched the March 4 episode of Pretty Little Liars, stop reading now!

For a while now, I’ve been sitting on the theory that “Uber A” is one of the mothers on the show. My top theory was (and maybe still is?) that it was Mrs. Fitzgerald, though Mrs. DiLaurentis was always suspicious. I’ve even considered all of the individual Liars’ moms, keeping a close eye on Ashley and Veronica. But after that episode, could we have found our “Uber A”? Nothing’s ever for certain in Rosewood, but I think it’s a good possibility that dear old Mrs. D isn’t what she seems — except for the creepy part; she is definitely that.

This week, things kicked off with Spencer back from three days in rehab — stints are getting shorter and shorter, aren’t they? — with a hot new drug and alcohol abuse counselor by her side. His name is Dean, and sadly, the show didn’t let Nathaniel Buzolic use his natural Australian accent. Regardless, Spencer was basically put on house arrest: No friends, no school, no technology. Instead, her life was all about health shakes, working out, and jogging that memory of hers until she was ready to talk. Dean was going to be staying in the barn to keep an eye on her. Look, I know she loves Toby, but don’t tell me she shouldn’t be tempted. Yum.

Currently enjoying the opposite of house arrest, Aria was off at Syracuse for some sort of prospective student orientation week. But the only thing she was getting oriented with was Riley, the leather jacket-wearing musician who knew the solution to all Aria’s problems: A frat party-approved red solo cup and some pineapple rum. Surprisingly, the two of them were actually quite cute. Riley was the adorable teen who just wanted to play music, even if his parents didn’t approve, and Aria was the girl who needed a break from her regular life to figure out how to start living it again. They both did the other some good. After their week together was up, Riley went to talk to his parents about his dreams, and Aria went to talk to Ezra.

Yep, Ezra was back from New York and still seemed to be pulling Mona’s strings when she called it quits with Mike. But Emily wanted to find out why. According to Mona, she still didn’t know who took over the “A” game when she was in Radley, but she had made a deal with Ezra. If his book were published, she could still get arrested for some of the things she did, so in exchange for information, Ezra would edit parts of his book. And yes, he’d asked Mona to date Mike to spy on Aria, but after Mona really fell for him, she let him go so as to not drag him through her mess. Mona, who didn’t seem to know that Ali was alive, told Em that she thought Ezra knew the identity of “A.”

Meanwhile, Hanna was juggling all of her men. After she apologized to Holbrook for accidentally running into his mouth, he showed her the anonymous tip he’d received unknowingly from Paige. Hanna, of course, didn’t know who it was from, but she did gather that Holbrook was a little jealous of Travis. And he probably should be, considering Travis got a (crappy) date and a kiss from the blond Liar before the night was over.

Still working her way through withdrawal symptoms, Spencer was running her fourth mile with “mean Dean” when she started to have more hallucinations. She saw herself chasing Ali through the woods with a shovel on the night of the disappearance. And when Ali tripped, Spencer slammed the shovel down. Blood splattered on her face. Combine that with the dirt in Spencer’s bed containing a note that read: “I know you dug her grave. Now I’m digging yours,” and the comment Mrs. D dropped to Spencer saying, “No mother should have to watch her child die,” and Mrs. D is definitely looking guilty. Although, so is Spencer. But what exactly could Spencer be guilty of is Ali’s still alive? My head hurts.

Back in Rosewood, Aria headed straight for Ezra’s apartment. She told him that he needed to leave town for good. He tried to tell her that they could work through this, but she wasn’t interested in seeing him or hearing from him ever again. He agreed, but not until he gave her a copy of his manuscript (which he had gone to New York to pull the plug on). And that’s how the Liars discovered his theory about Mrs. D. But before we get to that, was that really Ezra’s goodbye? It can’t be. Why am I still so attached to this man? It’s okay to be, right? He’s not as bad as we once thought he was, at least (and still just as cute).

At Emily’s, the girls discussed Ezra’s theory. Why would Mrs. D want to stop them from getting Ali home? Don’t they all want the same thing? As Spencer put it, not if she thinks Spencer tried to kill Ali. Could “A” have been targeting Spencer this whole time? Well, it certainly seems she is now: The episode ended with Mrs. D showing up in Spencer’s room only to have to sneak out when Veronica showed up.

And in our “A” clip of the week, the black hoodie was sewing a wedding dress (one that we know will be worn by Spencer next week). So, are all signs pointing to Mrs. D? Is she in on this alone? And does she know Travis — I found their interaction very intriguing. (Also, I love Travis.) What did Toby’s letter to Spencer say, and why was it from London? And what is going to happen now that Hanna’s about to tell Emily about Paige’s letter? Sound off in the comments below!

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