Boogie Nights Philip Seymour Hoffman

A little over a month ago, we lost Philip Seymour Hoffman. Eulogies have included essays, written remembrances of his best work, and — because it is 2014 — tweets. But the latest honoring of the late actor is perhaps the most telling of Hoffman’s impact on the world: Filmmaker Caleb Slain put together a 20-minute supercut of Hoffman’s best roles, including clips from The Master, Doubt, Boogie Nights, and Almost Famous, that shows his amazing range as an actor.

On the Vimeo page for the video, Slain writes that “200 hours of work went into breaking down 47 of Hoffman’s roles.” What resulted is a touching tribute that reminds us of Hoffman’s talents and how much the film world — including audiences — will be missing now that he’s gone.

Watch the tribute below: