Oscars 2014
Credit: ABC

Who do you have to go to bed with to host the post-Oscar show on ABC? In Jimmy Kimmel’s case, he doesn’t need to compromise his integrity since his celebrity-swamped show has become a staple of Oscar night. But he still didn’t leave anything to chance, getting under the covers with Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi — and a fondue kit — in the opening moments of this year’s special.

This year, Kimmel recruited some of Hollywood’s biggest stars to bring YouTube’s most popular videos to life. In the first short, Bitman Begins, which featured dueling Hemsworth brothers, Tom Hanks, and Meryl Streep, the Cain and Abel conflict was slightly obscured until the reveal that Chris H.’s left hand was short a few digits: Charlie bit his finger!

See director Christopher Nolan bring the video that’s been seen more than 675 million times to the big screen:

In the second clip, Queen Latifah don’t have time for much, including a young Barack Obama played by Barkhad Abdi and Adam Driver’s Steve Jobs:

Disgraced Toronto Rob Ford made a brief cameo, but the show’s biggest guest was Kevin Spacey. He starred in Ameowadeus, as Keyboard Cat, and played Johnny Carson, both on the set and in a special not-exactly authentic Carson clip from 1985 posted on his website.

The duo also took a selfie and claimed that it quickly broke the Twitter retweet record that DeGeneres had set just hours before at the Oscars. But what was of actual interest about the Kimmel/Spacey conversation was the two-time Oscar winner saying that he’d be interested in hosting the Oscars. “I think it would be great fun,” he said. “I’d love it.”

Kimmel himself is probably on ABC’s shortlist of future Oscar hosts, but Spacey would certainly fit the bill too.

In the final YouTube-inspired “trailer,” Joseph Gordon-Levitt starred as David After Drugs and Seth Rogen was his Double-Rainbow superhero.

The only celebrity who didn’t deliver was Matt Damon, the “weak link again,” whose scene was deleted from Sweet Brown: Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That. Those apples really suck, Matt.