By Josh Rottenberg
Updated March 03, 2014 at 06:36 AM EST
Credit: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

EW is inside the Academy’s official Oscar after-party, the Governors Ball. Keep checking back here for updates on all the A-list celebrating and schmoozing.

++ Bellying up to the bar to get a drink, 12 Years a Slave Best Supporting Actor nominee Michael Fassbender says he wasn’t surprised by the evening’s outcome. “In fact, tonight went exactly as I thought it would,” he says. “I should have been a bookie. I could have won some money. I haven’t congratulated Lupita yet. I was out taking a pee break so I missed her acceptance speech. But she doesn’t need me. She’s so happy already.”

++ Oscars co-producer Neil Meron explains the decision not to play any winners off the stage this year: “We went for the emotion.”

++ Pixar and Disney exec John Lasseter spotted carrying a pizza box into the party. He says that they haven’t yet started on the sequel for Frozen but they are hard at work on the musical adaptation.

++ At the Warner Bros. table, there is much celebrating over the 7 wins for Gravity. “I’m a little all over the place,” says the film’s Oscar-winning cinematographer, Emmanuel Lubezki. “I’m kind of numb. The adrenaline and the fear—all of it. Plus, I have to leave here soon. I’m shooting a tiny movie in the desert with Ewan McGregor. After us all being in space, we want to be back on land.”

++ The center of gravity shifts from Gravity to 12 Years a Slave as soon as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie enter the room. Cameras are everywhere. Fans are swarming. The attention is intense. Oscar-winning screenwriter John Ridley and Pitt pose for photos but Jolie keeps her back to the camera.

++ Oscars co-producer Craig Zadan says he’s operating on two hours of sleep.

++ Matthew McConaughey stops to get his Best Actor award engraved, while John Legend performs “Dancing in the Dark” live for the partygoers. Swarmed by well wishers, McConaughey is asked if he had worked out his acceptance speech ahead of time. “Nah, not really,” he says, then grabs his mother and takes off to the next party.

++ Lupita Nyong’o spotted sitting with her Best Supporting Actress Oscar and grabbing a quiet bite while checking her phone.

++ Cate Blanchett clutches three little chocolate Oscars in one hand and the big gold one in the other while Bette Milder lavishes her with paise. She poses for photos with Sally Hawkins, and the whole Sony team gathers around her for a celebratory photo. “I can’t even remember what I said,” she says of her acceptance speech.

Reported by: Lynette Rice, Sean Smith, and Nicole Sperling