Movie Guide, Chris Rock, ... | ''I'm stunned. I just cannot believe that GROWN UPS 2 got completely snubbed!'' — AK47 '' Grown Ups 2 was ROBBED!'' — Noah Ed. Note:…
Credit: Tracy Bennett

You may be busy plating your charcuterie or putting gold frosting on sugar cookies in preparation for a loaded Oscar bash, but don’t forget that there’s another major movie awards show going down in Hollywood this weekend.

On March 1, the winners of the 34th annual Razzie Awards were announced in a ceremony at IgnitedSpaces in Hollywood. Honoring the worst films of the year with a prestigious Golden Raspberry statue, the annual awards call out the year’s biggest stars to “Own Their Bad,” which occasionally happens when folks like Sandra Bullock actually show up at the ceremony to collect (like she did in 2009 for All About Steve).

This year’s crop of nominees was dominated by the Adam Sandler comedy Grown Ups 2, which led the pack of Worst Picture nominees that included other mega-embarrassments like Movie 43, The Lone Ranger (also nominated for an Oscar), After Earth, and A Madea Christmas. What does it mean for Sandler, then, that Grown Ups 2 earned the most nominations and yet went home completely empty-handed at the ceremony?

Movie 43 and After Earth each won three Razzies, while The Lone Ranger, A Madea Christmas, and Tyler Perry’s Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor earned one award each. The full list of nominees is here, and check out this year’s winners below:

Worst Picture

Movie 43

Worst Actor

Jaden Smith – After Earth

Worst Actress

Tyler Perry (in drag) – A Madea Christmas

Worst Supporting Actor

Will Smith – After Earth

Worst Supporting Actress

Kim Kardashian – Tyler Perry’s Temptation

Worst Screen Combo

Jaden Smith & Will Smith – After Earth

Worst Prequel, Remake, Rip-off or Sequel

The Lone Ranger

Worst Director

The 13 people who directed Movie 43

Worst Screenplay

Movie 43 (written by 19 “Screenwriters”)