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Have you found yourself wondering “What’s that song?” while watching your favorite TV shows? If so, we’re here to tell you. Check out our Spotify playlist below and see why these music picks clicked. (Warning for those still catching up on DVR: SPOILERS ahead!)

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The song: Deptford Goth, “Feel Real”

The episode: “Echo House” (320)

The hook: Beginners’ luck all around — as in gettin’ lucky! The basement of a mental hospital may not be the ideal place to get frisky, but Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) and Malia (Shelley Hennig) made it work on Monday. When the former werecoyote unexpectedly swooped in for a kiss, the unlucky-in-love Stiles realized it was her first kiss. So they tried again to the sensual synths of Brit Daniel Woolhouse… and then they tried some other firsts. And, I’m here to tell you, they succeeded. It was hot.


The song: Matt Corby, “Breathe”

The episode: “She’s Come Undone” (421)

The hook: Early into Tuesday’s ep, The Fray’s “Happiness” flashed back to Ezria’s meet-cute during PLL‘s pilot. Things weren’t nearly as happy as Corby’s song played at the end of the hour, singing, “I didn’t know where I was, I don’t know where I’m running to.” It underscored the state Aria (Lucy Hale) found herself in as she packed up after discovering Ezra (Ian Harding) was moving forward with his exposé about the Liars.

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The song: Father John Misty, “Everyman Needs a Companion”

The episode: “Haunted Houses” (106)

The hook: Sunday saw two sex scenes heat things up on True Detective — first between Hart (Woody Harrelson) and Beth (Lili Simmons) as the detective fell back into his old ways. Elsewhere, the show’s unofficial will-they/won’t-they couple Rust (Matthew McConaughey) and Maggie (Michelle Monaghan) did the adulterous deed to Meredith Monk’s “Core Chant.” What tangled webs those detectives do weave…. (Bonus! Jukeboxers on Twitter were also feeling Waylon Jennings’ 1975 honky tonker “Waymore’s Blues.”)


The song: STRFKR, “Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second”

The episode: “Madeline Pratt” (114)

The hook: Closing out Monday’s hour, Joshua Hodges’ electronic outfit beckoned, “please stay for the night” — bittersweetly, an echo of not only how Lizzy (Megan Boone) felt about her out-of-town husband Tom (Ryan Eggold) after an argument but also what might have transpired between Tom and his new “friend” Jolene (Rachel Brosnahan) at a business conference.

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The song: Son House, “Grinnin’ in Your Face”

The episode: “Long Way Back From Hell” (114)

The hook: The Delta blueser’s 1965 a cappella number opened up Tuesday’s Originals. That it happened to play while the camera swept over a shot of Klaus’s (Joseph Morgan) naked torso… well… we’re not complaining.

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The song: Örsten, “Fleur Blanche”

The episode: “No Exit” (514)

The hook: Jukeboxers on Twitter were into Imagine Dragons’ “Radioactive,” but we singled out that soon-to-be-superhit when it graced Arrow‘s season 1 finale last May, so we’ll give a newer nod to this sultry number that played as Katherine (Nina Dobrev) seduced Stefan (Paul Wesley) when they found themselves at a motel together.

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The song: Sleeping at Last, “Total Eclipse of the Heart”

The episode: “Take It Back” (1013)

The hook: There was plenty of drama on Thursday’s Grey‘s, but Ryan O’Neal’s chilled-out, piano-ballad take on Bonnie Tyler’s 1983 karaoke go-to was both a nice counterpoint and a declaration of love as April (Sarah Drew) skipped out of her wedding to be with Jackson (Jesse Williams). On Twitter, Jukebox fans were wowed by Josh Record’s anthemic “Bones,” which contemplated caregiving especially poignantly as Alex (Justin Chambers) sat vigil by his once estranged father’s (James Remar) deathbed.

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The song: AG Silver, “I Found You”

The episode: “Royal Blood” (112)

The hook: Francis (Toby Regbo) and Lola (Anna Popplewell) became more than just friends Thursday when they spent a day — and then a night — together while  in exile from the castle. Where better to have your first time together than at the Moulin Rouge? And what better song than this beautifully crescendoing indie rocker?

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The song: Miguel, “Simplethings”

The episode: “Incidentals” (308)

The hook: After a giddy shopping spree to Lily Allen’s “L8 CMMR,” Sunday’s ep played out on a much mellower note to the R&B breakthrough’s meditation about keeping it simple, stupid hipsters. As Hannah (Lena Dunham) and Adam (Adam Driver) bathed in a romantic hotel suite she’d been paid to write up, they hashed out their tiffs over friends and jobs and ultimately grew closer because of it. Who would have thought these two might really make it work? But Miguel’s stirring, straightforward hook (“She said I just want someone true. She said I just want someone to smoke with me babe and lay with me babe and laugh with me babe”) gives continued hope.


The song: Superhumanoids, “Geri”

The episode: “These Violent Delights Have Violent Ends” (102)

The hook: The Charlottesville rockers’ easy-going tune played under the natural chemistry between Earthling Emery (Aimee Teegarden) and Atrian alien Roman (Matt Lanter) on Monday as they shared a tender moment while reconciling their different backgrounds and reminiscing on the past. Later, Panama’s “Always” underscored a moment between Emery and Roman’s romantic — and political — rival Grayson (Grey Damon). Romery or Emerson? Declare your allegiances now, Jukeboxers!

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BANSHEE (Cinemax)

The song: John Forte, “Best That Love Could Be”

The episode: “Ways to Bury a Man” (207)

The hook: The Feb. 21 episode featured a strip club raid that kicked off with SonicC’s thumper “Hades.” The episode reached its… uh… climax as Gordon (Rus Blackwell) hit up the champagne room. Forte’s lusty slow jam may be about love, but it’s pretty clear that wasn’t what was on Gordon’s mind — or his lap.


The song: “What Makes You Beautiful,” originally by One Direction

The episode: “Pilot” (101)

The hook: Directioners got theirs on TV this week. Before “Beautiful” had a moment on Parenthood Thursday, it was the centerpiece of a charming duet between new pals Will (David Walton) and Marcus (Benjamin Stockham). Updating the same-named 2002 movie’s climax, Saturday’s post-Olympics ep finished with an impromptu talent-show performance of the X Factor UK lads’ breakout hit.

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