Yes, there is a lightning bolt.

Here’s the first photo of actor Grant Gustin as Barry Allen for the first time dressed as The Flash. For now, The CW and studio Warner Bros. are just revealing the mask.

First impressions: Though there is a lightning bolt, there’s no protruding ear wings (thankfully) like in the original comic costume (see pics below). It’s traditional red, but not bright red; more subdued. The chin-guard seems handy, but might make it a little tougher to speak. Sort of Daredevil-esque. We’re told some of the costume is leather, which is what the texture looks like here.

The outfit was designed by three-time Oscar winner Colleen Atwood, who also designed the costumes for Arrow. Her credits also include Alice in Wonderland and Chicago. Production on The Flash pilot starts next week.

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Here’s the comic version of The Flash, as well as the 1990 short-lived TV series version starring John Wesley Shipp (who will appear on The CW’s Flash in a “mysterious role”).