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Grimm returns tonight with a brand-new episode to kick off the action-packed second half of the season — and if executive producers David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf are to be believed, Nick and Co. are in for a lot of drama.

For a look at what’s to come — including a birth, a wedding, and what they called the “scariest” Wesen yet — click below for six juicy scoops.

On the impending wedding between Rosalee (Bree Turner) and Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell):

While Monroe and Rosalee couldn’t be happier about their upcoming nuptials, the same can’t be said for their families. So expect a lot of friction to evolve from that conflict, says Greenwalt. “A lot of hell is going to break loose on that,” he says. Troubles aside, fans can expect wedding bells at the very end of the season, he adds, with Kouf teasing that Nick’s involvement with the wedding could creates “its own set of problems” among the Wesen crowd. “It could make for some fireworks,” he says.

On Nick’s mom’s return:

Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio will reprise her role as Kelly Burkhardt for two “big episodes” that will see Nick coming to peace with the nature of his out-of-the-ordinary relationship with his mother, according to Greenwalt. “The whole relationship with Nick and his mom — there’s are a lot of stuff to be mined there, including Nick actually developing a kind of dark sense of humor about his mother and how their relationship is,” he says. “It is what it is. And they do love each other. And she has come back into his life. And there’s so much past history there, but she’s not a milk-and-cookies kind of mom.”

On the impending baby arrival:

There’s a hexen-baby on the way! And said child’s arrival is expected to up the stakes for all involved parties. “It’s going to be in a great deal of danger because everyone wants this baby and it’s so valuable,” says Greenwalt. “Just to a have the baby is going to be pretty extraordinary, and then you’re going to see certain little powers and things that we didn’t expect to see. And then once people know that that baby is out, everybody wants that baby.” Kouf adds with a laugh, “It’s a very popular child.” As for the actual birth, which will happen sooner than later, Greenwalt promises that it will rank among the great gross-out births of all time. “This is a classic,” he says. “I don’t think you’ve ever seen somebody morph while screaming out a baby.”

On Captain Renard’s future:

“He’s about to suffer a lot,” teases Kouf bluntly. Specifically, look for the captain to have a lot to deal with after learning whether or not he’s the father of Adalind’s baby. “He probably makes the toughest decision of anyone around this child,” says Greenwalt.

Sgt. Wu’s big hour:

Not only can fans expect to learn Sgt. Wu’s first name in the second half of this season, but they will get a whole episode that revolves around the cop’s encounter with a Filipino mythical creature called an aswang. “It’s the scariest Wesen ever,” says Kouf. “He thinks he’s losing his mind and the theme of that is, ‘Can you keep your mind when you’re seeing things that can’t be explained?'” Elsewhere, look for a mummy episode that will reveal that Wesen were once Gods and a Carnival-themed jour that will introduce us to a troupe of Wesen performers.

On the finale:

“We’re going to go out with a huge series of bangs — not just one bang,” teases Greenwalt. “Expect something you’ve never seen before with Nick and something you’ve never seen before with the Captain. And a new secret ingredient that we’re not allowed to talk about.” Also, there will be a cliffhanger, which Kouf and Greenwalt hope will get a chance to be resolved. (Grimm has yet to be officially renewed but is considered a lock to return.) “We’re certainly going on out at the end like you’d really want to come back,” says Greenwalt. “It would be weird to have that [ending] and not come back. We feel pretty confident that the show is good and we’ll believe it when we see it.”

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