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Grey’s Anatomy is currently in its 10th season. That means, as of right now, it’s been on for one more season than it had number of episodes in season 1. And I’m not here to say that’s wrong. I still enjoy the show, and I’ll honestly never stop watching, but I do want to talk about what season 10 could learn from what I believe is the show’s best season to date: season 2.

Let me make it clear that I’m not saying seasons 3 through 9 were bad. In my opinion, there have only been a few lulls in the show’s history, and most of them didn’t last a full season. Sure, some seasons were better than others, but that’s why I’m writing this now, because I feel like season 10 is losing me a little bit.

Ten years of story is a lot, especially on a show like Grey’s. We’ve seen countless medical mysteries, workplace dramas, and catastrophic events. Bomb scare? Done. Male “pregnancy”? Done. Plane crash? Check. Hospital shooting? Done that too. Everyone sleeping with everyone? Check and double check. So what’s left for season 10?

Although I’m currently enjoying the Jackson-April story, other than that, I’m struggling a bit. The interns I once liked are rubbing me the wrong way, and I do not enjoy watching Bailey spiral in any way shape or form (but hopefully that’s over). And having Meredith fight with Cristina for half the season and now Derek? It’s a little exhausting. And the more I watch, the more I miss certain things that were once central to the Grey’s experience and now seem to have fallen into the background (or aren’t being used the same way).

Here’s my wish list for 10 things I’d love to return/be used more often:

The elevator. Without a doubt, my favorite place in this hospital always has been and always will be the elevator, with its ability to force sexual tension to an all-time high during its unrealistically long rides. But the elevator isn’t only used for romantic encounters. It’s where Bailey let Derek have a moment to himself, and it’s where everyone gave Richard a hard time about dying his hair in season 3. It’s a cornerstone of this show, which is why it was so monumental when the elevator failed Bailey and Charles during the shooting. I want more of it, and I want it now.

McEverything. I can’t remember the last time somebody was deserving of and/or received a “Mc” nickname. Didn’t someone mention calling Jackson “McPretty” recently? Regardless, I miss the McMoments. They were a huge part of the show. The interns naming McSteamy is still one of my favorite scenes.

Seriously? Could somebody please use it in a sentence, even just once in a while? Seriously?

The walkway. What ever happened to my opening shots of the walkway leading to the chief’s office? I miss those picturesque moments of McDreamy leaning on a railing and contemplating things. That walkway is where Bailey told the interns that they were the bottom of the surgical food chain. It’s where Derek and Mark got in a fistfight. It’s where Owen and Cristina brushed hands. It’s also where, in another great episode, Derek got shot. So I need it back. It doesn’t feel like Grey’s without it.

A catastrophic event. Here’s where season 2 was at its best: the bomb episodes. Putting aside the amazing guest star (Kyle Chandler!), the great music moments, and the phenomenal acting, this dramatic event took its time. It had a buildup, and after two episodes, a payoff. It was the perfect balance of suspense and heartbreak. It never felt unrealistic or like it went too far (see: season 8 plane crash).

That epic speech. Call me selfish, but I want a speech that’s somehow going to measure up to Meredith’s “Pick me” speech. We know that no one’s better than Shonda Rhimes at epic speeches, both romantic and otherwise (no matter the show), and I think this season needs something that big. Or maybe what I want is for the show to fully use Ellen Pompeo, because she’s an incredible actress. How about all of the above?

A sexy stranger. I’m always skeptical of new characters, but I think this show could use another sexy stranger. The last one worked out pretty well, right?

A pregnant Bailey. Okay, so maybe this is a stretch, but I miss strong-willed, hormonal Bailey.

Memorable patients. Finally, I want a return of those patients that you can’t forget. I want two people stuck on a pole or two Amish best friends having to say goodbye, and I want those stories to be given ample time to resonate. More than anything, I want them to affect our doctors in heartbreaking and beautiful ways.

Dance parties. We need more dancing. It’s that simple.

Finally, would it kill them to go to Joe’s a little more often? Those guys always need a drink (and Joe needs friends).

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