Your excitement for Veronica Mars' return, opinions about sexism in Hollywood, and more

By EW Staff
February 28, 2014 at 05:00 AM EST

Mars Attacks (Again)!
The Veronica Mars Kickstarter campaign led to my binge-watching every episode. That led to my need to tackle your cover story as soon as the mailman dropped it off. Now there’s the possibility of more movies, you say? More episodes? More glorious banter? More Kristen Bell? Yes, please. And soon.
Dainon Moody

Cherished Memories
Reading that Lisa Kudrow is in talks to bring back The Comeback made my weekend. That amazing show was ahead of its time. If Michael Patrick King needs people to run around town begging to bring it back, he can sign me up.
Rob Sanders
Los Angeles

Is Hollywood Sexist?
Karen Valby’s “What if McConaughey Were a McWoman?” is so true. It’s sad to see how many talented actresses seem to vanish from the screen. Or, at least, from major releases. In a recent L.A. Times interview, Sandra Bullock echoed Ms. Valby’s insights, saying, “Everyone looks at careers and asks, ‘Why do you make career choices like you do?’ Do you honestly think I had a choice for most of my career? No! You don’t! You only get offered what you get offered.” Here’s hoping Bullock — and others — escapes the McWoman curse.
Mitchell Kohn
West Hollywood

Why does it have to be a man-vs.-woman thing? Can’t we celebrate someone’s career without saying that it’s partly because he’s a white male that he’s had such success? Matthew McConaughey has proved himself to be one of the best actors around, not because he’s male or female, black or white, but because he has worked hard for it.
Chad Mortenson
Sandy, Utah

The Trouble With Oscar
It was good to see you address the problems with the Academy Awards (News and Notes). I’d like to point out what I believe to be the key issue: timing. The simple fact that the Academy continues to host the Oscars two months into the new year and weeks after all the guild awards is baffling. Why not move up the telecast to the weekend between the NFL conference championship games and the Super Bowl — and be at the center of it all instead of at the end?
Simuel Howell
Mars, Pa.

Correction: Leonard Nimoy is 82 (Monitor).

Blockbuster Book Club
Readers had plenty to say about news that Stephen King’s Revival — said to have his “most terrifying conclusion ever” — and J.K. Rowling’s second Robert Galbraith novel, The Silkworm, will come out later this year.

J.K. Rowling
I get wanting to see if you can sell books without playing off your past success. But once it’s known, why bother keeping up the charade? Just seems like a silly game. Not that there’s anything wrong with silly games. —E.B. Berman

I really enjoyed the characters and the first book. I was hoping for a follow-up. Glad to see one’s on the way. —ProfSprout

Very excited about the new Cormoran Strike novel! Robin is my favorite new literary character! —Levia

Stephen King
The most terrifying conclusion King has ever written? That seems hard to believe. I can’t walk by an open storm drain because of Stephen King. Don’t know how it can get any scarier than that. —Cousin Bleh

Any King is a welcome gift. I agree that the endings can be a mixed bag, but the journey is more than worth it. He’s the towering storyteller of his generation and a damn good writer as well. —Jim

Any new book by King is a cause for celebration in my home! —Kate