By Samantha Highfill
Updated February 28, 2014 at 05:59 PM EST
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Thought Miss Congeniality was based on the world of beauty pageants? You were wrong — at least, according to Ellen DeGeneres.

In an interview with Parade Magazine, DeGeneres revealed that the 2000 Sandra Bullock comedy was actually inspired by… Ellen. “Miss Congeniality was written based on me,” she said. “When I was getting ready to cohost the Emmys, the writer saw me [on TV] learning how to walk in a dress and heels. My stylist at the time — a man — was teaching me, and it was ­hilarious. The Miss Congeniality writer saw it and thought it was brilliant.”

With this news, I can’t help but imagine what the film would be like if it had been more true to its inspiration. Picture it: A female comedian is asked to host the prestigious Emmy Awards. Having never before worn heels, she must train to stand alongside some of Hollywood’s most elegant actresses all while delivering one-liners and keeping the show on schedule. As the pressure starts to build before showtime, she can’t take it anymore. She refuses to conform to Hollywood’s expectations. She ditches the dress and the heels and instead throws on a pantsuit and some dress shoes.

Her opening monologue goes perfectly. The crowd loves her. And when the network needs her to stall in the middle of the show, she throws a spontaneous dance party, pulling Jennifer Aniston and Tom Hiddleston up on stage. Everyone loves it. Oh, and about that teleprompter failure? Don’t worry; the host’s quick wit is there save the day.

The show miraculously ends on time, and by the end of the night, she’s earned herself a name in Hollywood and a date with one of the hottest starlets around. Flash forward a few years, and she’s asked to host The Oscars. And no, she’s not asked to wear heels. The end.

Which version of the film do you prefer? I will admit that I’d miss the talent portion of the competition.

Miss Congeniality

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