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Welcome back to New Orleans, guys! It’s been a while, but not much has changed. It’s still a magical place where the sanitariums are creepier than ever, the vampires are hotter than ever, and my Elijah obsession is more ridiculous than ever. Did you see his entrance to Sophie’s consecration?! He snapped two guys’ necks with his elbows! And then he later used the word “fib” in a legitimate threat! But considering he wasn’t the focal point, I will move on (for now).

First, I have to give props to this episode for going dark. I mean, that was scary. There were twin boys in a hallway that were just as creepy (it not creepier) than these two, and that is saying a lot. But the way this episode transitioned from Rebekah’s memories in 1919 to good ‘ol present day was pretty magnificent to watch. Let’s get into the details, shall we?

Celeste and Genevieve had taken Rebekah and Klaus to the Fleur-de-Lis Sanitarium, where Bekah’s werewolf bites were far from healed. And with werewolf venom running through Bekah’s veins, Genevieve was able to get Klaus to drink something — Bekah’s blood? — that connected the two of them. From there, all Genevieve had to do was take Rebekah down memory nightmare lane, and Klaus was along for the ride, witnessing all of Rebekah’s memories.

Of course that wasn’t a good thing. Not only was 1919 the year of the influenza (and countless people coughing up blood), but it was also the year that Marcel and Rebekah enlisted Genevieve’s help to call Mikael into town thereby betraying Klaus in the worst way imaginable. We got flashbacks to Genevieve and Rebekah working as nurses (with one instance of a Bekah-Marcel morgue makeout), enjoying the jazz scene, and eventually, summoning Mikael. Poor Klaus didn’t want to believe it at first, but when he saw his father’s blade used at the summoning ritual, he realized it must’ve been true. When Klaus and Rebekah were kids, Klaus had been blamed for stealing his father’s blade and had been beaten repeatedly for it. Now, he came to find out that Bekah had it all along. Klaus has done a lot of bad things, but even I have to admit that was cold, Bekah.

Fully in present day, Elijah wanted to know where his siblings were, and he wanted to know now, which brings us back to Elijah’s badass entrance of the night! After snapping a few necks, Elijah demanded information from Monique, who instead delivered a message from Celeste. Oddly enough, the message came as a set of tattoos all over Elijah’s chest. And who cares what they said because Celeste is officially my favorite character in the history of television. Why?! Because she got Elijah SHIRTLESS!! Honestly, Celeste can do whatever she wants from here on out. I support her. That witch has her priorities straight.

Getting back to the details, Celeste had temporarily tattooed names on Elijah’s body. He believed they were the names of all the women she had inhabited over the centuries. Apparently witches enjoy playing riddles. If he solved it, the names would disappear. Good thing he had his sexy trusty sidekick by his side! Marcel and Elijah used a variety of methods to find out that everyone listed on his upper body had killed themselves, except for one witch named Clara who died from the influenza in 1919. Elijah didn’t recognize her name — even though he once handed her a handkerchief in 1919 while wearing the world’s sexiest pinstripe suit — but Marcel did. Truth time, baby!

Marcel fessed up to Elijah just as Klaus learned the truth from Rebekah’s memories, and watching them react so differently back-to-back was great. Bravo, Originals! In typical fashion, Elijah showed controlled rage before deciding on reason, and Klaus went completely off the rails. Moments later, Marcel and Elijah, united in trying to save Rebekah from Klaus’ wrath, hopped in Elijah’s Porsche — seriously — and headed to the sanitarium.

At the sanitarium, Rebekah was having a not-so-nice moment with Celeste, who admitted that her plan was to pin brother against brother and bring the Original family down. It was then that we learned that Bekah was the one who killed both Celeste and Genevieve in 1919. That’s right, Celeste was there! She was in Clara’s body at the time — and therefore had the sweet moment with Elijah at the bar. After Rebekah panicked and wanted to undo the Mikael summoning spell back in 1919, she had infected both Genevieve and Clara with influenza before leaving them to die. So that’s why they want their revenge…

…and now they’re getting it. Genevieve gave Klaus her wrist along with Papa Tunde’s blade, and he was off to find “REBEKAH!!” Speaking of which, that has to be our modern-day, much scarier “Stella!!!” right? Anyway, Klaus (and his awesome blue shoelaces!) found Rebekah, and the two had it out like all 1,000-year-old sibling do. They beat the crap out of each other before Marcel showed up and got himself thrown across the room. But just before Klaus stabbed Rebekah, Elijah saved the day, stabbing Klaus with Tunde’s blade. It was an epic moment, and one that seemed a long time coming. After all, how many times has Klaus surprised Elijah with a dagger to the chest?! Honestly.

So what did you all think of the episode? Will Klaus ever forgive Rebekah? What’s Hayley going to do with an unconscious Celeste? And how do we get Elijah shirtless again?! Sound off in the comments below!


“How did you like that wolf boy, by the way? I thought he seemed like your type — trashy and willing.” -Genevieve to Rebekah

“Hey there, witch bitch.” -Hayley to Celeste

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