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February 26, 2014 at 05:30 AM EST

Now this was an episode. I know the reaction to Abby has been mixed, but I liked how she spiced up the dynamic in “Sister II.” No doubt she’s annoying and self-obsessed — like, well, everyone else on this show at times — and despite the fact she is actually dangerous to be around (Sky Knife!), the gang needed a jolt. You can’t say that she hasn’t provided one. That it will likely be temporary is good, but that it happened at all is an improvement in my book.

Also, WINSTON!!! The writers managed to do what has heretofore eluded them by giving him a primary story line that showed substance beyond a new set of tics. Yet the episode also allowed Lamorne Morris to run wild with his brilliant improv skills — the very ones that have made him my favorite character in season 3 in spite of Winston’s flimsy character development. Tuesday’s episode inched him a step closer to being fully fleshed-out.

So let’s not delay anymore, Newbies!

The ep returned in real time, one week after Abby set down her bags at the loft, and Jess was growing increasingly anxious about the chaos. Perhaps it was the barrage of knives falling randomly from the ceiling? Or maybe it was the fact that the rest of the loftmates were constantly conspiring with Abby to prey on Jess’s worrywart personality. Either way, Jess decided to convince Abby that she wanted to move out. And, before that, she’d find an apartment for her big sis to ensure she could.

Despite Nick’s clear inability to lie, scheme, or even follow a basic conversation, Jess enlisted him to babysit Abby for an afternoon while she and Cece went apartment hunting. (Strangely, we got no indication Abby was keeping tabs on Jess all that time when she was hurling knives at the ceiling, so the fact that Jess didn’t consider claiming she was running errands shows how paranoid and harebrained this plot was.) Nick took Abby to a vintage automobile museum, and she immediately noticed something was up. To force the truth out of him, she climbed up on the hood of one of the cars. This sparked the wrath of a museum attendant and did the trick, breaking Nick in about 30 seconds. (Come on, Miller!) And yet Abby still wouldn’t get off the hood.

Nick called Schmidt in as a reinforcement since he was no-nonsense and had plenty of experience with crazy girls. Schmidt took a few thoughtful minutes and executed his plan: “Hey Abby, let’s go get tacos.” Really complex stuff, y’all. Some time later, Nick barged into Schmidt’s apartment and was disturbed to find Abby melting chocolate (in Schmidt’s mini-kimono!) as Schmidt lay on the island, reverse-hogtied and gagged with an apple. Nonsense! It was clear the deed had been thoroughly done — and would be done many times more that day (see Dotables).

NEXT: “Nonsense has the hands of an angel.”

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Zooey Deschanel plays lovable Jess, who is plodding through life with a good group of friends.
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