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February 26, 2014 at 04:16 PM EST
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When we left Starling City, Sara was back and currently in the shirtless arms of ex-lover Oliver Queen. But with Roy still experiencing his rage issues, the Suicide Squad waiting in the wings, and the dark cloud that is the League of Assassins always hanging over everyone’s heads, what’s next for Team Arrow? What would you say to another villain?

Yep, this week will feature the introduction of The Clock King, played by Robert Knepper, who somehow hacks Felicity’s system and therefore becomes our favorite blonde’s first true nemesis. And as for the Roy rage? It could easily take Roy (and Thea!) down a very dark path. We caught up, separately, with Knepper and Haynes to preview what’s coming for their characters:

The Clock King

First up, Knepper’s Clock King finds himself on Team Arrow’s radar after robbing a bank. But the character might not be as predictable as you’d expect. “We wanted to make it as modern-day as possible,” Knepper said. “You think he’s just on one level doing something, robbing a bank [because he] wants the money and it’s a very selfish reason, and he’s actually doing it for his sister who’s afflicted with a horrible illness.”

But perhaps more importantly, The Clock King’s greatest accomplishment will be throwing Felicity off her game. “He is totally [Felicity’s nemesis]. He really gets into people’s minds, so of any villain that could do that, it has to be somebody really brilliant. Doesn’t necessarily have to be somebody who wears four wrist watches, but it doesn’t hurt. [Laughs] It doesn’t hurt to be on time,” Knepper joked.

Intellectual warfare aside, Knepper also teased a “great climax” involving a scuffle between the Canary and the man with four wrist watches. According to Knepper, his character is more than just an intellectual threat. “He’s intellectual, but he’s still a very, very strong character. Some of the pictures, like the guy who played it in the Batman show, it’s a little more dandy-like, and [he’s] not quite like that. He’s got a little bit of John Malkovich in him. He’s somebody you don’t want to mess with because he not only intellectually can whoop ya, he’s probably got something packed underneath that leather jacket.”

As for a potential return for The Clock King after tonight’s episode, Knepper knows as much as we do. “I don’t know where they want to go with it, if it’s just a one-er. Maybe if they like me, they’ll bring me back.”

Roy Harper

Switching gears, could Roy Harper become yet another villain in Starling City? Believe it or not, Colton Haynes thinks it’s a possibility. “Roy is now starting to get really really angry with Oliver, because Oliver promised him that he was going to be part of his team right away, and he met Felicity and Diggle, but he’s still just kind of being thrown scraps,” Haynes said. “He gets really frustrated with Oliver and has this big blow-up moment and is just like, ‘This isn’t want you promised me,’ and, in the upcoming episodes, gets into a fight with a few people close to Arrow and causes him to reevaluate his thinking about adding Roy to the team.”

But whether Oliver likes it or not, he has shared his secret with Roy, which makes Roy one of the most powerful people on the show. “Roy is very very powerful because knowledge is power, so now I think Roy is going to possibly use that against him, ” Haynes teased. “I just read episode 18 and Roy has a possibility of going to the dark side, but you also have to take into effect that all this stuff’s been going on with Thea at the same time, so Thea could possibly join her father in a little bit of the danger. But if Arrow doesn’t let Roy in, Roy’s going to use his power against him and he’s going to go to the dark side.”

As Haynes sees it, Roy has a few options: “He could become The Arsenal, which is the drugee kind of dark character, or he could become Red Arrow or Speedy which is his sidekick, which we’re going to talk a lot about in episode 18.”

And in terms of Roy’s decision affecting Thea, Haynes thinks there’s a strong possibility that the couple could go dark together … or, perhaps more likely, call it quits. “It’s looking like [Roy and Thea going dark] could happen. She’s about to go down the deep end, so that would be interesting. But this is television and I’m playing a teenager, so I’m sure they’re going to try to break us up. You never know.”

Bonus fun fact: Roy was cut out of the last episode, “Heir to the Demon.” According to Colton, he had filmed “an amazing scene with Nyssa.” “She like whooped my ass,” Haynes said. And just like that, we can’t wait for this season’s deleted scenes.

Arrow airs tonight at 8 p.m. on The CW.

Billionaire Oliver Queen — under the vigilante persona of Arrow — tries to right the wrongs of his family and fight the ills of society.
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