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Spoiler alert: If you haven’t watched the Feb. 25 episode of Pretty Little Liars, stop reading now!

As a hardcore Sparia fan, I’m loving and hating these juicy storylines with equal measure, though mostly loving. But that’s partially because I’m feeling semi-confident that we’re maybe, possibly, fingers crossed getting close to some sort of answer. Between Spencer’s flashbacks and Ezra’s book, we at least have some new resources at our fingertips, so let’s dive in!

First up, Aria had the Liars over for a quick here’s-what-my-lying-cheating-boyfriend-told-me-on-the-ski-lift catchup session. She revealed that Ezra’s theory (from all of his research) had been that one of the Liars “did it,” with “it” being killing Ali. Although, at this point, we know Ali’s alive, so I’m confused as to how that means anything. Regardless, Aria justified that Ezra was not “A,” but rather a writer who used all of them to make a name for himself. And boy, did that piss her off. Not only did the Liar go the entire episode without putting on a drop of makeup — gasp! — but she marched into school like she was ready to out her lover. And when he wasn’t there, well let’s just say she hit his apartment like a wrecking ball.

After Aria discovered all of Ezra’s research materials, including File #6, which was dedicated to her, she found the recording of Ali talking to Mrs. Grunwald. You know, the one that went a little something like this: “I’m saved for the moment thanks to you, but you can’t tell anyone you helped me. Promise you won’t, okay? I still don’t know who I can trust.” But what really put her over the edge was Ezra’s journal, where he wrote down everything Aria told him and tried to connect the dots. He had chronicled Aria’s dad’s affair, blinding Jenna, Mona no longer being “A” — it was basically an accurately confusing viewer’s guide to the show. But it enraged Aria enough to the point that she trashed his place.

And she wasn’t done there. When she later found a letter from Random House in Ezra’s journal, she called and discovered that he had been moving forward with the book. Here is where I will skip right past the fact that this book has to be a horrible “true crime novel” considering that there are no answers involved and get to the moment where Aria almost told the principal about her relationship with Ezra, but instead decided to get the heck out of dodge Rosewood. This little Liar is hitting the little road!

Meanwhile, my other favorite little Liar was hitting rock bottom. Spencer was looking rough in this episode. She had agreed to take withdrawal medication for the pills, but when “A” snuck some more drugs into her locker, she caved. The worst part of it all? When the girls picked up Aria from Ezra’s destroyed apartment, Spencer stole a bunch of his research. It was in those papers that she discovered that her dad had hired a Private Investigator to follow her. And why? Apparently CeCe and Mrs. DiLaurentis both remembered seeing Ali and Spencer fight the night that Ali disappeared. CeCe never spoke of it because Mrs. D had paid her off. And suddenly, the relationship between Mrs. D and Mr. Hastings made sense. He wanted to keep her quiet! Right?!

Add that to the fact that Spencer remembered picking up a shovel and walking toward Ali — a part of the night the drugs had previously blacked out — and Spence was having a full meltdown over hurting Ali. She ended the episode with an official intervention, courtesy of Toby and her parents.

And if the Liars weren’t having full mental breaks this week, they were dealing with romantic drama. For Emily, she made the mistake of letting Paige see the money she was going to drop off for Ali. And when Paige followed her to the drop-off point, Em had no choice but to fess up and reveal that Ali’s alive. From there, Paige asked Emily to cut off all communication with Ali, and Emily agreed, but only if she could still drop off the money. However, Em was not happy with Paige afterward, and I have a feeling she’s going to be even more pissed when she finds out that Paige dropped a letter into a cop car that said Ali was alive and that they should start looking for her. So did Paige do that maliciously? Out of love? Is she a part of the “A” team? Discuss!

Across town, Hanna was juggling men. When Travis’ dad had to go to court, Hanna pulled some strings (a.k.a. flirted) with Detective Holbrook to help out. It worked, and Travis thanked Hanna. In return, Hanna thanked Holbrook with an incredibly awkward kiss. Is it just me or does anyone else really like Holbrook? But also Travis. This triangle has me confused (and mostly hoping that none of them are evil hoodie-lovers).

And in our “A” sneak peek of the week, the male (?) in the hoodie was reading Ezra’s book … and maybe burning it? Perhaps he didn’t like the lack of a finalized ending, but I digress.

What did you all think of the episode? Is Spencer somehow guilty? But of what — we know Ali’s alive, right? And do you believe Ezra will go through with his probably not great book? More importantly, what are all the parents of Rosewood hiding?! Anything else you picked up on this week? Sound off in the comments below!

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