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Last week, viewers were introduced to the alien-invaded world of The CW’s Star-Crossed. There, we met protagonist Emery, a high schooler who had spent most of her life in the hospital thanks to an immune deficiency. And on the day she was finally allowed to return to normal life, so were seven Atrians, the alien species that the government had previously kept segregated from the rest of the world. But when Emery and her best friend, the still-sick Julia, invaded The Sector in hopes of finding the Atrians’ secret healing plant, things got interesting.

By episode’s end, Emery had started a flirtation with Atrian Roman, who then used the healing plant, called Cyper, to help Julia. So what now? For starters: Fewer hospitals. For the rest, we caught up with Malese Jow (who plays Julia) to talk about what the season holds for Emery’s best friend, and more:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: First, is Julia 100 percent healed?

MALESE JOW: Yes! We dive into the next episode and it’s a miraculous thing. Julia’s just so blindsided and no one knows how it happened. She’s called “the miracle girl,” and people are freaking out wanting to run more tests on her because she is 100 percent better. So no one has any idea, Julia herself doesn’t know until she has an encounter with Roman and some side effects start showing. And Julia, being the Atrian enthusiast that she is, immediately starts putting the pieces together.

You mentioned side effects. What can you tell us about those?

We saw Roman’s arm glowing whenever he used the Cyper, so the same thing kind of happens with the person who received it. People are going to have to tune in and see what else happens because the blue kind of spreads, the glowing blue, which isn’t a good thing for a human trying to keep a secret for an Atrian.

So you’re going to look like an Avatar.

Pretty much! It’s not really a good look. On top of that, people already are hesitant about the Atrians in general, so if they knew that things like that were going around, the Atrians would become lab rats. And Julia really has a heart for the Atrians, and immediately she really has a bond with Roman, so she really wants to keep that secret for them.

Let’s talks Julia’s bigger arc this season. Are we going to see her in school? What’s coming up for her?

Yes, she immediately jumps into the school world with Emery, which is awesome because they both had gone through so much growing up that they’re finally getting able to be girly and just live a normal life. So it’s kind of backwards in that way. It’s very fun getting to see them go to school and enjoy all that. But since Julia was thrown into the whole Atrian world so fast, as far as being associated with the Cyper, another part of her arc is fighting to keep that secret because people’s suspicions start rising. It gets a little rocky for Julia in the Atrian-Cyper world. Also toward the end of her arc, she falls in love. She really blossoms, and I really think people are going to fall in love with her the way I have.

I know you probably can’t reveal if her love interest is human or Atrian, but what can you tell us about her romance?

Julia’s a little on the quirky, eccentric side. She definitely doesn’t have a filter, so that kind of spills into her love life. It just kind of happened in a fast and awkward way. She was drawn to someone who was completely opposite from her, so it’s very fun to watch. I want people to be completely surprised when they find out, I’m not sure if they’re going to be able to pick up on anything. But it was cool to see who she actually ended up with.

Episode two introduces the Red Hawks and Trags, these two extremist warring groups. What can you preview in terms of their rivalry as the season goes on?

Well I think that aspect of the show is what makes it edgy and gritty. It’s not all sugar and rainbows all the time, so those two worlds and groups that they’ve painted, it’s really interesting to watch, especially as it pertains to Grayson and the character of Drake. Our characters that we get to know and love kind of get wrapped up in these worlds and it’s really cool. It’s scary, but it’s cool.

Let’s talks Roman and Emery! They’re a little on the rocks this week.

They are! It’s like guys, you just met each other again, you just rekindled things, why you gotta be doing things like that?! [laughs] It’s kind of bigger than them, too. Their fathers were involved, and they’re from two different worlds literally, so of course you’re going to have problems off the bat. But they’re Romery, you know? Julia ships them, and I think they’re going to make it through. It’s going to be an interesting journey for them, especially now that Grayson’s involved as well — Emery has a little love triangle on the horizon, but what’s a CW show without a love triangle? We’ll explore that.

And this week we also learn that Grayson has a bit of a bad boy side.

He does have a little bit of a bad boy side. But also he could be just guilty by association, and people will know what I’m talking about as they watch the season.

Do you have a favorite episode or moment you’re really looking forward to the audience seeing?

Yes, actually. There’s a school dance and Julia gets to sing a little bit, which is cool. And the fashion for the dance is awesome! Our costume designer did a fantastic job. Our dresses and the guys’ suits and blazers — it was little pieces, but they had, like, accent lighting. They actually stitched lights onto our clothes. It looked fantastic and I can’t wait to see how it looks on screen.

Star-Crossed airs tonight at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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