So it’s been a couple days since the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer arrived, and you’re just about finished combing through individual frames trying to find the cameo by Ryan Gosling as Adam Warlock (which is a rumor I just started.) Perhaps you’re feeling just a little bit disappointed that you didn’t get to hear the voice of Rocket Raccoon, the lovable gun-toting procyonid.

But huzzah! In a new video just released by Marvel, Bradley Cooper introduces the character (“Rocket has some real anger issues”) and there’s a quick clip of the character speaking. He basically sounds like Bradley Cooper, albeit with more realistic facial hair. Check it out:

Marvel has released a whole series of introductory videos for the lead characters in Guardians, including a quick clip of Vin Diesel talking about Groot: Check ’em out here. Also, here’s a new poster. You’re welcome.

Guardians of the Galaxy
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