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Friday Night Lights

Friday Night Lights‘ Tim Riggins has always been an endless source of inspiration. First, he inspired many people to grow their hair out. Then, odds are, he inspired some unfortunate underage drinking. And hopefully, he inspired people not to open a chop shop with their older brother. Regardless, years after the show’s series finale, Riggins is still influential.

For starters, he inspired me to name my dog after him. And more recently, poet Nico Alvarado wrote four Tim Riggins-inspired poem for the winter-spring 2014 edition of Gulf Coast, the University of Houston’s literary journal. Alvarado’s poems include “Tim Riggins Speaks of Waterfalls,” and below, we’ve included “Tim Riggins Invents a New Number”:

I love you so much

I want to bury my fist in your chest.


And because the inspiration never stops flowing (much like Tim’s luscious locks), I decided to write my own Riggins-themed poem. It’s only a haiku, as I figured Tim wouldn’t have had a lot of time to think about it — he’d either have to run to football practice, hit on his neighbor, or more than likely, pass out drunk. But here’s what I’ve come up with. I like to call it, simply, “33” (pronounced “threes”):

Making memories

Beer and football in Dillon

Texas forever.

Cheers, Tim. Cheers to good friends living large in Texas.

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