February 20, 2014 at 03:42 PM EST

June Squibb isn’t above using her age to get her ahead– or at least that’s the message the 84-year-old actress sent in a gag that aired on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night.

Kimmel introduced a video of Squibb, saying all Oscar nominees make a video for Academy voters. Squibb’s clip starts out humble: She says she’s happy to be nominated, and lists her competition in the best supporting actress race. “I’m 84 years old. Who knows how many more movies I have left in me? But don’t worry about me! Honey, I’ll be fine,” Squibb deadpans and then starts to cough. “So what if this is my last shot at happiness? I’ll be just fine… Probably.” Then the crying starts. June Squibb wins Best Guilt Trip, no doubt.

In her interview with Kimmel, the Nebraska star talked about how people recognize her now– specifically, at the local Gelson’s where she shops. “One lady ran up and said, ‘can I hug you?’ and I was in the line. So we hugged.” Squibb isn’t new to show business though: Kimmel whipped out some photos from Squibb’s past as a cabaret dancer, including a shot from 1959 when she played a stripper in Gypsy. 

Squibb wasn’t the only Oscar nominee on Kimmel last night: Matthew McConaughey also showed up to share some stories about Woody Harrelson, his real-life friend and co-star in HBO’s True Detective. Apparently, they met years ago at a lunch party, which McConaughey doesn’t remember. Harrelson claims he asked McConaughey to take a shot of tequila, which he responsibly denied saying, “I’ve got work to do in the afternoon.” Then, according to Harrelson, he took the shot anyway. “Evidently I had quite a few tequila shots, because I still don’t remember what happened that afternoon,” McConaughey laughed.

McConaughey notably got very, very thin for his Oscar-nominated role in Dallas Buyers Club and Kimmel made the bold statement that he should win the award because of that. “I feel like just based on that alone, you should get it. Right?” McConaughey laughed adorably and said no, before imparting some wisdom: “The lengths an artist will go is not the measure of excellence for a role. Doing that for five months put me in a place where I was able to study and surround myself with everything Ron Woodroof, everything about HIV and AIDS, at that time, and it was the perfect tool. I didn’t even know it would be until I was doing it.”

See how Squibb and McConaughey do at the Oscars on March 2 on ABC, and watch some of the clips from last night below:

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