Again with the viral videos, Jimmy Fallon!

Tonight's new host continues to pull out all the stops during his first week on the job. Night No. 1 brought a parade of cameos from celebrities, including Tina Fey, Lady Gaga, Mike Tyson, Stephen Colbert, and, perhaps most notably, Joan Rivers — making her first Tonight appearance since Johnny Carson banned her from the program in the '80s. (He was furious at his guest host for getting her own talk show on Fox.) Night No. 2 welcomed the return of Fallon's Ragtime Gals barbershop quartet (singing the remix of "Ignition," naturally), as well as a boy-band member who looked an awful lot like Kristen Wiig.

Night No. 3 followed suit, presenting a pair of videos sure to blow up on YouTube. First up, we've got the sequel to Fallon and Justin Timberlake's immortal "#Hashtag," this time starring Jonah Hill as Jimmy's partner in Twitter speak. #Funny #NostalgiaBait #GuessWhoShowsUpIt'sMartinScorsese #SpoilerAlert #Oops.

And then there's Brian Williams, Lester Holt, and a special guest who appears all too briefly — her name rhymes with Schmathie Schmee Schmifford — "rapping" a classic hip-hop tune, via cleverly edited old clips. Who knew BriWi said the word "boogie" so often? Also, how long do you think it'll be before the newsman steps onto Fallon's stage to perform the song for real?

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