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Adam Brody and Leighton Meester’s marriage is nothing if not the perfect excuse for fans of The O.C. and Gossip Girl to write a little fan fiction. For one, Josh Schwartz created both shows and has himself thrown around some fan fiction about how Nate Archibald and Taylor Townsend ended up together. So why not Seth and Blair?

They both come from rich families, and they both know all the ingredients of a good bat mitzvah, not to mention that the Cohens are one of those rare California families that knows how to appreciate a quality bagel. Plus, Seth has experience when it comes to seeing through the popular-girl facade and getting to know more about someone. And Blair? Well, we’re sure Caleb would have approved.

But when it really comes down to it, combining these two worlds isn’t exactly easy. Private school in New York City looks a lot different (and a lot paler) than private school in Orange County. And I doubt Blair would feel “at home” at a sweaty Newport party. However, there have been some fan fiction authors who’ve managed to meld these two worlds to create the perfect scenario for Seth and Blair’s romance.

And although I prefer my Seth with Summer and my Blair with Chuck, even I can’t deny the creativity behind some of the fan fiction out there. We’ve rounded up some of the best moments for your reading enjoyment:

*Edits made to correct character-name spellings

Brett Ashley Blee decided to focus on the common ground that Seth and Blair share:

Cohen is a Jew, and Blair’s step-dad is a Jew. I’m sure Sandy and Kirsten would love to do the holidays with Cyrus, Herold, and Eleanor. And we all know that Blair is capable of whining, so she’ll be a natural at whining “Cohen” just as Summer was.

Surviving College posted fan fiction about why the two would work:

Seth is so easygoing he would just tell Blair she is being crazy and then let it go (and then run to the pool house to freak out to Ryan.)

adrikins319 wins the award for best opening line:

It all started with a sarcastic remark. I had been attending Berkeley for a few months and I was finally starting to feel comfortable in my sophomore year of college. I didn’t even notice him until he made a sarcastic comment about my Jimmy Choo heels.

of self ingeniously decided that Blair would’ve befriended Taylor Townsend:

It’s natural that she [Blair] gravitates towards Taylor because she’s the only other person in the entire school who wears headbands and pearls…

emile-ly deserves a special shout-out for writing 25 complete chapters about Seth and Blair’s journey. Here are some of the best moments from the first ten chapters:

Chapter one included the pair’s first meeting, and an irresistible Dan Humphrey comparison.

“Hey, wait up,” she called behind him. “Seth, was it?” The dark-haired boy turns around and registers a look of complete shock on his face.

“Uh,” he stammers as he looks left and right dramatically, “you mean me?” Gosh, Blair thinks to herself. This guy is even more pathetic than Humphrey. At least Humphrey tried to be intellectual. This one’s just plain daft. Nonetheless, Blair did her best to plaster the friendliest, most genuine smile and gave him her best doe-eyed expression while she quickened up her pace to catch up with him.

“Well, your name is Seth, isn’t it?” she asked sweetly.

Seth’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion and for a split second, Blair found him the slightest bit attractive, in an abandoned puppy dog type of way. “Uh, no. I mean, yes. Well, it’s just that, no one really talks to me around here, that’s all,” Seth managed to utter.

Chapter two gave us Seth’s Gossip Girl-designated nicknames, as well as Blair’s formal introduction to Summer, Ryan, and Marissa.

– The rest of the week flew by rather quickly, and Blair found herself no more accustomed to Harbor than she was on her first day. Her only highlight of the day, sadly, were classes with Seth Cohen, Newport’s very oen Lonely Boy. She could just imagine the names Gossip Girl would give him on the Upper East Side – Emo Boy, Neurotic Boy, Comic Book Geek Boy – whatever.

– “Ew, Cohen. Are you friends with that headband freak?” Blair whipped around sharply to see the gossipy brunette that she had met earlier in the week, eyeing her with a disgusted look on her face.

– Marissa glanced sideways, gave Blair a semi-friendly smile, while Ryan gave her a half-wave.

Chapter three had Blair throw a mint-themed party for her new friends in Newport. Spoiler: It didn’t go over well. People did not wear mint.

– “Alright,” Blair declared with authority, “you can come. Just not in that shirt…and after you get a haircut.” She snickered to herself as she remembered that she had said almost the exact same thing to Dan Humphrey when he first started dating Serena.

– Blair grabbed him by his collar and led the way, stomping up the stairs, while Seth trudged silently behind her. She closed the door behind them and slumped immediately onto her bed, dejected. Seth glanced at her, unsure of what to do next, and stuffed his hands into his pockets, scanning over her room. He caught sight of her Cabbage Patch Kid and started towards it, which made Blair shoot up defensively, grabbing it from her bookshelf, and stuffing it under her blankets.

“Captain Oats would probably like her,” Seth remarked, amused at Blair’s reaction.

Chapter four promoted Blair as an Anna of sorts. She was Seth’s friend who was ready and willing to help him make Summer jealous. Also, she uttered the words, “Confidence, Cohen.” Most importantly, chapter four gave us this perfectly characteristic Summer quote:

“Whatever, Cohen. You think I care whether or not you and Manhattan chick are dating? Ew.” She rolled her eyes. “Come on, Coop. Let’s go.”

Chapter five involved Seth and Blair attending a dance together in order to make Summer jealous. (OC Season 3 prom, anyone?!)

Seth had trouble deciding who he found more attractive – the elegant and flawless Blair Waldorf, who was on his arm, or the sexy and radiant Summer Roberts, who was standing across the room.

Chapter six featured this gem:

He was watching The Goonies for the 97th time in order to take his mind off things.

Chapter seven started Blair’s relationship with Luke.

“Luke is perfect for me. He’s rich, popular, mature, and doesn’t spend his free time with plastic horses.”

Chapter eight directly compared Luke to the men of NYC.

Okay, so Luke was no poet, but Blair had to admit that dating him had its benefits. While he was no Nate Archibald or Chuck Bass, his reputation and status at Harbor was good enough to secure Blair a permanent spot at the new It-girl.

Chapter nine featured a Marissa pregnancy scare.

“Thank you,” Summer said to Blair, giving her a smile as Marissa walked off. “Not just about Seth. About what you did today for Marissa, and for being honest with me as well.”

“I’m not hugging you,” Blair replied with a raised eyebrow. She gave Summer a reluctant smile nonetheless. The girl was alright, save for her bad taste in clothing.

“Ew,” Summer responded.

Chapter 10 featured Seth and Blair’s first scheme together, which resulted in them starting their friendship over without judgment.

He held out his hand boldly. “Hello, I’m Seth Cohen. I like skateboarding, emo indie music, and I’m the president of the Comic Book Club.”

Blair hesitated. She felt his sincerity, and rolled her eyes at his completely ridiculous self-introduction. She took a deep breath and shook his hand slowly. “I’m Blair Waldorf. I like impressionist art, French documentaries, and aspire for world domination.”

And finally, mystripedskirt gets points for going another route and writing some fan fiction about the day Serena moved to California and met Ryan Atwood during grad school. The best line was a quote from Seth to Ryan:

“You always did have a thing for self-destructive blondes with a penchant toward alcoholism.”

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