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Counting down the days until the return of Orphan Black? We’ve got over two months left until season 2 of the BBC America clone drama premieres on April 19, but one of the key players insists the wait will be worth it. “Season 2 of Orphan Black is like season 1 on crack,” promises Maria Doyle Kennedy, who plays Sarah’s foster mom, the mysterious Mrs. S.

That was just one of the tidbits Kennedy dropped when she stopped by Entertainment Weekly Radio (SiriusXM, channel 105) to chat about the show as well as her music career. Another tidbit? Looks like we can expect more Mrs. S in season 2. “You’re going to see more of her,” says Kennedy. “I had a great time in season 1 and there were some great scenes, but there was also a lot of hovering. They just really liked me so wrote me more this time, so that’s great.”

But on which side will Mrs. S. land in the war between Sarah and Rachel (both played by Tatiana Maslany)? Kennedy says her character’s ultimate objective is protecting Sarah’s daughter, Kira, whose whereabouts are currently unknown. “In the war between Rachel and Sarah and the whole idea about the clones trying to find out about themselves, she keeps going through that and beyond it and goes, ‘Where does Kira land in all this? What’s happening with her? How safe is she? Are they close to her? Can they get her?’”

Okay, but we still don’t quite know where Mrs. S stands and her connection to the clone conspiracy. Is she good, bad, or somewhere in between? “She is an incredibly pragmatic woman with a strong moral compass,” says Kennedy. “That’s how I feel about her. She has definitely done bad things in the past. She came through an era of protest and squatting, so she’s not afraid to be anarchic or against the law, but she always has a strong proper reason for doing what she does.”

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But that’s not all. We are also joined by the man behind the coolest TV character of all time, Mr. Arthur Fonzarelli himself, Henry Winkler! Winkler talks all about his iconic Happy Days role as well as his recent resurgence on comedies like Parks and Recreation, Arrested Development, and Children’s Hospital. He also chats about his new book series, Here’s Hank (a prequel to the bestselling Hank Zipzer series), and how his own childhood as a dyslexic inspired the character. And if you think I’m letting a conversation with Henry Winkler end without a heaping helping of discussion about the criminally underrated Night Shift, you are cray-zee. So yeah, you know, just rapping about Happy Days and Night Shift with the legend himself.

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