Jason Momoa (''Game of Thrones''), 34, and his real-life sun-and-stars, Lisa Bonet (''Angel Heart''), 46, are teaming up on SundanceTV's drama ''The Red Road'' (debuting Feb. 27); the longtime loves talk to EW about mixing business and pleasure

By James Hibberd
February 14, 2014 at 05:00 AM EST

When you watch each other’s projects, are you critiquing or can you enjoy the performance?
Jason Momoa Can I go first, honey? When I watch her performances, I think, “Gee, that girl is hot and sexy and I want her.” At home, I get her in a different way, which is better. The world doesn’t get to see this side. I’m just really lucky to know her inside and out, and her sense of humor. I wouldn’t say I’m critiquing.

Lisa Bonet I don’t think I’m watching with a critic’s eye.

What are your favorite and least favorite of each other’s roles?
Bonet Drogo is pretty much at the top of the list.

Momoa I’m going to go with Angel Heart. And the worst? I don’t have a worst for her. We do no wrong!

Bonet My mind doesn’t really work that way. As actors, there’s a lot of struggle involved. Every actor sometimes takes a s—ty part — that’s life.

Momoa “Damn, honey, you dropped the ball on that s—!” [Laughter]

Lisa, how did you come to join Jason on Red Road?
Bonet That film that Jason directed, [the Red Road producers] watched it when they were trying to cast him and considering his body of work. They said they normally don’t like a husband and wife on screen but enjoyed our chemistry.

What sorts of acting tips have you given each other?
Momoa She told me not to suck. I’ve been trying not to do that. I’ve been trying to be “not suck.”

Jason, on Red Road you play a Native American ex-con running a drug ring, and Lisa, you’re the lawyer who represents the tribe. Will there be any on-screen romance for your characters?
Momoa They’re attracted to each other, just on the other side of the law. They grew up in the same hometown, but she became a lawyer and I became a criminal, so it makes for great drama. You want them to get together, but he’s a complex man and he’s very mysterious toward her.

Did either of you have reservations about working together?
Momoa Being in the circus and an actor and traveling around the world, it’s nice having your family with you. [But] you want to protect your family. I want to make sure we’re putting ourselves out there for the right thing. It’s very nerve-racking.

Bonet I had the opposite experience. He makes me feel really safe when we’re working together.

You’ve both shot steamy sex scenes over the years. Is that weird to watch?
Bonet Yeah, it is! The stuff that’s happened before [we were together], you can compartmentalize that. But the stuff that happens now can be a little awkward.

Momoa But you step out of yourself and play a character. Like those scenes with Emilia Clarke in Game of Thrones are not me, and she’s one of our dear friends. You go into it playing a character, so it’s not real.

So: “It’s not me, it’s Drogo!”
Momoa “I didn’t do it, Drogo did it!” I used that a couple times.