''The LEGO Movie'' is earning raves from kids and parents alike

After an impressive $69.1 million opening weekend, the makers of The LEGO Movie surely woke up Monday morning thinking, “Everything is awesome!” And so, it seems, did countless fans, who have been humming (and downloading) the film’s infectious soundtrack song since the movie opened Feb. 7. The tune — written by composer Shawn Patterson, produced by Devo head honcho and film-music guru Mark Mothersbaugh, and performed by Canadian sister act Tegan and Sara with a rap by The Lonely Island — has already jumped from the mid-50s up to No. 15 on iTunes.

It’s just one in a series of crossover moves for Tegan and Sara, who can also be heard on the soundtrack to Endless Love (out Feb. 14) and in a jingle for a new Oreo commercial. “If people discover our band because of The LEGO Movie, I’m fine with that,” says Sara Quin. “I don’t care how people find us, I just want them to find us.” And animated films have a proven track record when it comes to driving music sales — look at the most recent animated juggernaut, Frozen, which has turned Idina Menzel’s version of “Let It Go” into a top 10 single and sent the soundtrack album to the No. 1 spot on the Billboard 200.

“Everything Is AWESOME!!!” isn’t a chart-topper yet, though the film’s A CinemaScore and glowing word of mouth should keep it ruling theaters for a while. As for Tegan and Sara, they’ve begun to feel the LEGO effect. “We played a couple of shows this weekend,” says Quin. “I don’t know if people were teasing us, but I did hear people shout, ‘Everything Is AWESOME!!!’ from the crowd.” Hey, it’s better than “‘Freebird’!”

The LEGO Movie
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