By Annie Barrett
Updated February 14, 2014 at 08:37 PM EST

YouTube vloggers Grace Helbig (It’s Grace), Hannah Hart (My Drunk Kitchen), and Mamrie Hart (You Deserve a Drink) have teamed up for a feature-length film, in which a woman returns to her childhood summer camp after her big-city life falls apart.

In our exclusive clip below, Elise (Helbig) settles in for a series of rude awakenings involving actual wakeup calls, gross camp food, archery, finger-painting, and improvised methods of sanitation. Is it weird that I keep thinking “This Grace Helbig is a regular Phyllis Nefler”? I’m not sure the YouTube generation knows what that means.

The movie, along with bonus “care packages,” is on sale today at Will 3.5 million combined YouTube subscribers translate into huge sales? There is no color-coded binder for this procedure.

Check out the clip:

Full Camp Takota trailer:

The film — conceived by Michael Goldfine of RockStream studios — is powered by New York-based start-up VHX.