The Well's End

From agent to author! New York literary agent Seth Fishmam is switching things up later this month as he makes his YA debut with The Well’s End. The book doesn’t hit shelves until Feb. 25, but we’ve got an exclusive excerpt to share today.

Here’s the official description: “Half a world away, the Chinese military has a target list of 10 US cities in case of war. Most are obvious (D.C., N.Y., L.A.) and some a little less so (Atlanta for instance has the CDC)…but one is an absolute mystery: Fenton, Colorado. Unfortunately for her, 16-year-old Mia Kish is about to find out what makes Fenton so special when emergency sirens start blaring and ritzy Westbrook Academy is put on lockdown. No students in or out until otherwise notified. For the rich boarders whose homes are safely states away, their concerns are missed vacations and trips home, but for the handful of townies, like Mia and her friends Jo and Rob, there’s no escaping the danger.

The situation becomes dire when students and faculty are stricken with a strange illness that ages them years in a matter of hours, the end result death, seemingly from old age. No one knows what to do, but Mia and her friends are not just going to sit there while their parents might be in mortal danger. They escape the school grounds in search of a cure and answers; answers they hope to find in the sealed off mountain bunker where her father supposedly runs Fenton Tech. But along the way, they discover that the military presence is not what it seems, and that the long-buried secret of Fenton is a fabled object of myth and legend that may actually exist deep within the earth below.”

Will you be adding The Well’s End to your to-read list?

The Well's End
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