Donal Logue
Credit: WireImage

Gotham has cast an FX fan favorite as a series-regular character: Terriers star and Sons of Anarchy actor Donal Logue has joined the series as Det. Harvey Bullock.

Bullock is Det. Jim Gordon’s partner and mentor investigating the dramatic crimes of Gotham City. He’s described as a “rough-around-the-edges detective ” who “plays loose with police procedure, but he gets results … and he does it with old-school, forceful panache” (in the comics, the character is pretty brutal with suspects, but essentially a good guy).

In addition to his role on the short-live cult-favorite Terriers, Logue starred on Fox’s 2001 sitcom Grounded for Life and last year had an arc on Anarchy. He’s also appeared in History’s Vikings and BBC America’s Copper. He was previously rumored to be in the running for the Gordon role, which ultimately went to Ben McKenzie.

The news comes the day after Gotham announced actors for several key roles, including the Penguin. Still not cast: A certain troubled wealthy young Gotham City resident…