By Darren Franich
February 12, 2014 at 09:33 PM EST
DC Comics

This week sees the release of Batman #28, a flashforward issue set six months ahead of the current continuity. The issue involves a whole host of teasing reveals that will blow your mind if you read the comic book and will totally confuse everyone else. Comic Book Resources has a good breakdown for the deep reader. For the “everyone else” reader, here’s the gist: Batman has a new sidekick. This was bound to happen sooner or later, since the fifth Robin died recently. (Don’t cry: In comic books, dying is just the prologue to a resurrection arc.) Intriguingly, Batman’s new sidekick is not a new Robin; instead, she goes by Bluebird. Also, she’s a she! Check it out:

Bluebird is actually Harper Row, a teenager who grew up in the roughest part of Gotham — an impressive feat, considering that the nicest part of Gotham would be the roughest part of Detroit. She apparently doesn’t mind using guns. Her outfit sort of suggests Nightwing crossed with Wonder Woman’s jacket phase. And she has hair that was positively made for cosplay. Fingers crossed that she pops with the fans, so we can get a new Birds of Prey-esque spinoff where Bluebird teams up with Catgirl and the Spoiler.

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