February 11, 2014 at 07:25 PM EST

UPDATED 3/13: Once again we stand in vigil while gazing at the broadcast schedule, watching and waiting to see which prime-time series will be the next to … snuff it.

Morbid, we know.

Here’s a status update on nearly all the current shows on the five broadcast networks. Though ratings are still key, a show’s fate is increasingly impacted by other factors: ABC’s Revenge would likely get axed if it weren’t for its impressive DVR numbers. The CW’s Reign has improved odds because of it’s co-produced in-house and ABC’s Neighbors may survive because the bar is lower on Fridays. So we spoke with insiders to try and craft an accurate prognosis for each show. Let’s start with …


How I Met Your Mother: Nice to meet you, mom! You kids have a nice life.

2 Broke Girls: RENEWED

Mike & Molly: RENEWED


Intelligence: Performs admirably, but not well enough to get an early pickup. Stay tuned. 

Hostages: Nice CBS attempt to break out of its procedural drama grind, but it’s finished.



Person of Interest: RENEWED

Elementary: RENEWED

Survivor: RENEWED

Criminal Minds: RENEWED


The Big Bang Theory: RENEWED

The Millers: RENEWED

The Crazy Ones: A decent performer, but it wasn’t included in CBS’ big pickup announcement on March 13. This one will go down to the wire.

Two and a Half Men: RENEWED

Hawaii Five-0: RENEWED

Blue Bloods: RENEWED

The Amazing Race: RENEWED

The Good Wife: RENEWED 

The Mentalist: With Red John (the show’s big villain) dead, the veteran drama now has to creatively reboot. Another one that’ll have to wait until the 11th hour.

NEXT: Fox….

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