February 10, 2014 at 03:44 PM EST

Rob Ford is having another YouTube moment… but this time, he’s actually hoping it goes viral. The embattled Toronto mayor, who was videotaped smoking crack and has since been in a highly-publicized and highly-ridiculed downward spiral, took Ford Nation to YouTube with his brother Doug, a city councillor, to help resurrect his chances for the upcoming October election. “Please judge me on my record, not my personal life,” the mayor says, in one of a series of clips that posted online in the last week.

Confronting the obvious black mark on his record, Rob answered an emailed question regarding his drug use and his failure to be honest with the public about it. “I do not have a substance abuse problem,” he insisted. “Did I experiment with drugs? Yes, I have.”

But mostly, the Ford brothers are hoping Toronto voters will remember that all politics is local. City subways! Tax breaks! Privatized trash removal! Junior hockey! Toronto is the No. 1 city in the world to work! No. 2 to live! “We’ve changed the environment in the city!” Rob said. Sure as heck have, Rob.

Ford Nation was original envisioned at a television show, but after its first episode aired in November on Sun News Network, the station pulled the plug, citing high costs.

Click below for the online edition of Ford Nation:

The Ford story isn’t going away any time soon. Toronto Star reporter Robyn Doolittle’s best-seller, Crazy Town: The Rob Ford Story, which documents the mayor’s slow-motion meltdown, has been acquired by Blue Ice Productions and will be adapted into a movie.

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