Credit: Danny Feld/Comedy Central

Anyone who watched season 1 of Nathan for You knows exactly who Nathan Fielder is: He’s a marketing wizard (he graduated from one of Canada’s top business schools with really good grades) on a mission to help small businesses thrive. And while the concept of his Comedy Central show is basically just an excuse for him to employ truly insane business ideas, once in awhile, those ideas end up working — really, really well.

Take last season, when Fielder set out to draw visitors to a struggling petting zoo. His idea: Stage a video of a pig rescuing a baby goat from drowning and watch it go viral. This was all filmed before Nathan for You was even on the air, and some unsuspecting news shows played the video as if it really happened — and wouldn’t you know it, it went viral. Over the weekend, Fielder did it again, opening up a fake coffee shop called Dumb Starbucks in Los Feliz, California, that drew lines around the block for average coffee and grocery-store pastries.

We now know it was all a new stunt for season 2 of Nathan for You. Whether you watched every episode of the first season or just heard of Fielder today, check out five of his best stunts — including that petting-zoo brilliance — below:

Petting Zoo Hero

Watch the two clips below to see how a viral video is born, and then see the results for yourself.

The Claw of Shame

This is Nathan Fielder’s version of David Blaine. But instead of being locked in an elevated box, Nathan has to get himself out of handcuffs — or else.

Gas Station Rebate

Low gas prices definitely get these drivers to stop, but once they find out the lengths they have to go to get a rebate, they’re not quite as interested.

Caricature Artist

Greg is rebranded as the “king of sting” to bring a new edge to his caricatures.

Business Failures

These are SO not failures. Fast-forward to 1:08 for my absolute favorite of Nathan’s ideas.

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