Credit: Comedy Central

It looks like the dumb joke is on us.

Comedy Central’s Nathan Fielder revealed Monday that he’s behind Dumb Starbucks, the mystery coffee shop that made its debut in Los Feliz, Calif., over the weekend. Fielder, who’s currently filming the second season of his show Nathan for You, explained that the Los Feliz location of the store — which first garnered attention for its impressive re-creation of the Starbucks logo — will remain open through Friday.

In Fielder’s show, he helps business owners use funny strategies to try and succeed, though we’re doubting Starbucks is one of his clients. That being said, Fielder is not worried about using the trademarked Starbucks name, considering that what he’s doing is clearly a “parody art.”

So what’s Fielder’s next step? According to him, Brooklyn might be in need of a Dumb Starbucks all its own…

The inaugural Dumb Starbucks location even attracted some celebrity clients. The Office star Rainn Wilson waited in line with the regular people to go to the dumb coffee shop over the weekend:

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