Diana Gabaldon
Credit: Elenna Loughlin

Fans of the hugely popular Outlander book series should keep their eyes peeled for author Diana Gabaldon when the much-anticipated adaptation bows on Starz later this year: She’ll make a cameo!

The Arizona-based author was in Scotland last week filming the episode. She wrote at length about her appearance on her Facebook page. “Now, originally, they’d asked if I’d like to be an extra, and I said sure, that might be fun, and the fans could play ‘Where’s Waldo?’ when the show is released. But some weeks later, they … the production team … emailed me to say that they’d been thinking about this. If I were an extra, I’d have to stand essentially in the same place for three days … as you can’t be pulling extras out of carefully composed crowd scenes and screwing up the painstaking configurations that the director and director of photography … have worked out. As the producer put it, ‘The novelty wears off quickly.

“They’d therefore come up with a better suggestion; Matt Roberts, the scriptwriter for this particular episode … would write a tiny scenelet for me. Just a couple of lines of dialogue. They could then film that pretty quickly on its own, and I’d then be released.”

Gabaldon is not allowed to reveal too much about her cameo, but she did write this much: “The lady in question is at the Gathering, and the scenelet in question takes place in one of the galleries over the Great Hall. I’m not supposed to post set photos or describe the sets in great detail—but hey, you’ve read the book. You know what it looks like.”

The series is expected to closely mirror the book, which follows Claire (Caitriona Balfe), a married combat nurse in the 1940s who’s vacationing with her husband (Tobias Menzies) in Scotland. Claire falls through a time-travel portal to the 18th century, where she falls in love with a young warrior (Sam Heughan). Ron Moore (Helix, Battlestar Gallactica) is executive producing.