Credit: Poster design by Alex Pardee
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Can the making of a bad film make for a good one? That is the question raised by the news — reported by Deadline — that James Franco is to direct an adaptation of The Disaster Artist, actor Greg Sestero’s memoir about his time spent starring in the so-bad-it’s-awesome cult movie The Room.

The big screen version of The Disaster Artist, which Sestero wrote with journalist Tom Bissell, will be co-produced by Franco’s Rabbit Bandini company and Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s Point Grey Productions. “James Franco, Seth Rogen, and Evan Goldberg are the ideal guys to adapt The Disaster Artist,” Sestero himself told EW.

Casting of the film’s main characters — which, presumably, will be Sestero and his Room writer-director-costar, the mercurial Tommy Wiseau — has yet to be confirmed. However, a recent tweet from Franco suggested the movie would feature the polymathic Spring Breakers star and his brother Dave.

Meanwhile, Sestero sent along an Alex Pardee-designed Disaster Artist poster which depicts Franco and Rogen as the lovers played in the Room by, respectively, Wiseau and Juliette Danielle. Feast your eyes!

You can check out the trailer for Sestero’s book below.

The Room

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