Reviews of the new songs from Tegan and Sara, Lana Del Rey, and more

By Grady SmithNick Catucci and Kyle Anderson
Updated February 07, 2014 at 05:00 AM EST

Tegan and Sara, ”Don’t Find Another Love”
Nobody does gauzy, melancholy heartbreak like everyone’s favorite Canadian twins. This torrent of swelling strings, simple strums, and haunting woo-woos from the upcoming crazed-teen melodrama Endless Love will undoubtedly soundtrack many a bout of rainy Chablis-soaked longing. AKyle Anderson

Hunter Hayes, ”Invisible”
The country wunderkind showed his tender side with “Wanted,” his recklessly romantic side with “I Want Crazy,” and his aw-shucks side with “Everybody’s Got Somebody but Me.” His latest, though, reveals a facet we could do without: His anti-bullying ballad is overbearing, preachy, and, perhaps worst of all, boring. If you’re gonna write popular music’s 457th song about self-esteem, at least don’t make it pander to every last cliché. C+Grady Smith

David Guetta Feat. Skylar Grey, ”Shot Me Down”
Is it possible to desecrate a Cher song? This battering reinvention of “Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)” mimics the quavery guitar and kittenish vocals of Nancy Sinatra’s distinctive cover of the mid-’60s hit — then pumps in rounds of convulsive metallic beats from French house hitmaker Guetta. It’s electroshock therapy for anyone haunted by Sinatra’s hurt, or Cher’s heart. BNick Catucci

Lana Del Rey, ”Once Upon A Dream”
Now that the Oscars have snubbed her for being the only good thing about The Great Gatsby, Del Rey can settle into her role as the underdog savior of cinema. Here she lends her spookily strong pipes to a Disney classic, pushing the forthcoming Sleeping Beauty-inspired Angelina Jolie vehicle Maleficent from kiddie sing-along into grown-up Hollywood louche. A-Kyle Anderson