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Rosie O’Donnell left The View before her contract was up in 2007 and hasn’t been back since. Today, the former host returned to the show as a guest. Sadly, Elisabeth Hasselbeck made her exit this past summer, so we missed out on a reunion between the two — and by “reunion,” we mean a fierce argument of the kind that led to O’Donnell leaving the show in the first place. Still, O’Donnell brought her sometimes-controversial opinions and tried to be more, er, agreeable than usual. “It’s my first time back, I’m afraid I’ll be exiled!” she joked.

Barbara Walters introduced O’Donnell by saying how this time of the year — near Valentine’s Day — is a perfect time for O’Donnell to return. It didn’t make much sense, but okay! The ladies all wore red in honor of National Wear Red Day, which promotes heart disease awareness, and O’Donnell was no exception: Once she made her way to the couches, she pulled her black shirt down to reveal a lacy red bra. Way to make an entrance, Rosie.

O’Donnell went on to talk about her 2012 heart attack, how she could have died, and her five (five!) kids. She called her kids “delicious” a lot. Is that normal? Is that a thing people say now? “Oh, here is my son, isn’t he delicious?” Maybe I’m just behind.

Then they got to the good stuff: Hot topics, where they introduce a, well, hot topic and then get O’Donnell’s stance on it. Here’s what Rosie said:

On Dylan Farrow and Woody Allen: “I firmly believe Dylan, and I believe Mia. You can never really know what goes on in a house.”

On Justin Bieber: “Poor baby. Here’s the thing: Fame is a tidal wave. It sweeps you away.” [Sherri Shepherd brings up Bieber egging houses.] “Oh, come on. I throw eggs at houses every Halloween of my life. Do I think he needs parental supervision in a way that he’s not getting? I certainly do. But do I think he should be deported? No way, José.”

On the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman: “I think if you read [Russell Brand’s piece about addiction], you’ll understand just how crippling this disease is and it’s about time we stop shaming addicts. When you’re addicted to things, it’s not a game.”

O’Donnell went on to talk about her guest role on the ABC Family show The Fosters. (One of O’Donnell’s daughters apparently watched the show and said,“You’re not even acting, Mommy — that’s just how you treat us.” I haven’t watched the show, so I’m hoping that is a compliment.) She’s also working on a stand-up special for HBO about heart disease, a topic she somehow managed to make funny.

“What do you do in your spare time?” Walters asked as O’Donnell’s time on air drew to a close.

“I watch The View,” O’Donnell replied, deadpan.

“You’re coming back next week,” Shepherd laughed. Maybe not that soon — but seems like things went well enough that a repeat visit will likely happen at some point.

Head over to The View website to watch the entire interview, and watch a clip of O’Donnell giving her take on hot topics here:

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