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If you ask former That ’70s Show star Topher Grace what the best feeling in the world is, chances are, he’ll get quite nostalgic and ask if you, too, remember how excited you used to feel when you were young and still got up early on the weekends so you wouldn’t miss a second of Saturday morning cartoons.

“That is my favorite feeling — being a kid and going downstairs when your parents were still asleep and putting on that TV that’s in the kitchen, and then you’d get a really sugary cereal and just when you’re thinking it couldn’t get any better, this little cereal prize comes out,” Grace told EW.

But while the days of legitimately cool prizes in sugary cereals may be behind us, Grace is hoping his new website, Cereal Prize, will inflict a similar type of excitement for those of you who are just as obsessed with pop culture as he is.

“With [Cereal Prize], I wanted something like that feeling — something that every day is a little bit like a fun prize for people if they’re interested in what I’m interested in.”

So what exactly is Cereal Prize? In a nutshell, it’s a new website that will feature everything from blockbuster movie throwbacks and pop culture novelties, to insider Hollywood tidbits, re-edited movie trailers, funny sketches, and more.

“It’ll be about 85 percent aggregated content, meaning stuff on the Internet that I put in a certain order or kind of highlight or want to share with people, and then 15 percent stuff that I make. That’s why I have a button on there called ‘Self-Centered Sh–‘; I’m about to start a movie, and I’d love to film some footage while on set or do some Funny or Die type sketches,” says Grace, who recently filmed Interstellar with Christopher Nolan.

Grace, who is the sole creator and editor behind the new website, says the idea to start Cereal Prize sprang from the realization that while he wanted to partake in popular forms of social media, platforms like Twitter (which the actor recently joined) weren’t working for him.

“I just didn’t have anything to write about, but if you came over to my house, I’m that dude who always wants to share stuff with people — check out this book, or you gotta check out this weird Internet video, or here’s this script that never got made,” says the actor. “I decided the way to solve the [social media] problem for me was to create this site that is kind of like a room and then say to people through Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, ‘Come over to my room! I’ve got stuff over here with much bigger content.'”

Cereal Prize officially launched Thursday, and if you’re a fan of Topher’s days as Eric Forman on That ’70s Show, you’ll definitely want to head over and check out the first little pop culture nugget the actor has selected to go live on the site: A short clip from an animated That ’70s Show spin-off that never made it off the ground. If you’re thinking an animated spin-off of the former Fox sitcom sounds too good to be true, we’re right there with you.

“It is obviously real and we were all contracted to do it, but I guess the pilot never came, so that’s a shame,” Grace explains in mock seriousness.

“But I will say this,” the actor says of the animated clip. “We don’t smoke any less pot than we did on the show!”

Check out a clip from the previously unaired, totally real, and obviously contracted by Fox pilot of the animated spin-off that never was:

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