By Erin Strecker
Updated February 06, 2014 at 06:00 PM EST

This I promise you: You’ve never seen ‘N Sync like this.

Over the holidays, I discovered a long-buried fan book (above) hidden away at my parents’ house. ‘N Sync: Everything You Didn’t Know About Justin, JC, Lance, Chris & Joey is an unauthorized 1999 book by Devra Newberger Speregen and a treasure trove of “intel” about the early days of the band, “fun” facts you may not have known about the guys, and cheesy pictures and language that remind us all that the late ’90s were a very weird time, indeed.

Nearly every sentence in the goofy book is a winner, starting with the opener: “The music rocks, the band rules, each babe is severely crush-worthy. Is it any wonder ‘N Sync is everything? And now this, too: For your reading ‘n-joyment, an ‘N Sync-lo-pedia of facts, favorites, and fun stuff you never knew.”

Did you know Justin hoped Ross and Rachel would get back together on Friends (!)? What about the fact JC was “bored” during Titanic? Do you remember anything about the group’s road pug, Busta? It’s all included in this fun trip down memory lane, but the best part of the book may be the “bytes”: 100 ‘N Sync facts culled together from online chats with fans, publicist tips, and, honestly, probably just some wishful thinking on the writer’s part. From favorite M&M colors to memorable fan interactions, the book is a preteen dream — One Direction merchandise has nothing on these tidbits.

I’ve dug around a bit, and this book doesn’t seem to exist anywhere online — which is a collective loss for us all. For grown-up Justin Timberlake fans, the whole thing is way too fun not to share. Below, check out a few of the cheesiest revelations — as well as some photos Timberlake and Co. likely wish hadn’t survived Y2K.

1.) Ignoring the phrase “[Chris’] cool clothing line Fu Man Skeeto” for a moment, can we discuss the fact that this was done professionally? He paid someone to make that happen.

2.) Show of hands: Who had a little crush on Lance? We were so young! The People cover was still years away! We didn’t know!

3.) A photo that begs the question, “What are ‘uncool’ khakis?” Also, Chris: When Justin laughed and told you wearing a floppy hat for a photo shoot might be fun, you’re allowed to say no. He didn’t own you then the way he does now.

4.) What do we think the fan base crossover was for South Park and ‘N Sync? Three people? In addition, ‘N Sync performing the Pokémon song is the ’90s time-capsule video we didn’t know we needed.

5.) Inquiring minds need to know: Did Justin cook for Britney Spears? Good to know he did “a great job!” : P

6.) There is way too much to unpack here. Rosie O’Donnell actually got three or four mentions in the book — maybe as a reference for fans’ moms?

7.) Thus began 15 years of being upstaged by Timberlake. Bye, bye, bye JC.