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You know how when you’re in a relationship, you would do anything to get a glimpse inside your significant other’s head to see what they’re feeling? Honestly, I think I want to know what’s going on inside Oliver Queen’s head more than anyone I’ve dated. I mean, what is happening?! I know he’s always had a thing with Sara, but how does he feel about her? And how does he feel about Laurel? Most importantly, how does he feel about Felicity?! This is genuinely driving me insane. Damn you, Ollie! You’re a fictional character and you still somehow have me feeling like a stereotypical female over-analyzing a (non-existent) relationship. Uggghhhh.

Okay, rant over. Let’s step away from Ollie for a minute and meet Nyssa al Ghul, who, after failing a security check at customs, took out the entire airport security staff. Oh yeah, I like this girl already.

Meanwhile, our other fierce female had returned and had grown fond of our favorite Arrow cave workout: the shirtless salmon ladder! (I see you looking at her, Diggle. Although, with those abs, can you blame a man? Can you blame me?) Sara’s workout came to an end when Ollie returned from visiting Laurel at the hospital. He wanted Felicity to check Laurel’s blood work after noticing something was off with her eye. And he was right. Laurel didn’t have any drugs in her system when she collapsed. She had been poisoned by Tibetan snake venom. So that’s what that guy at the bar was doing last week! What did I think he had? A battery? That’s embarrassing. Sorry guys.

After a brief meeting with her father, Sara started walking home when Nyssa pulled a P!nk and spun down from above. Nyssa and Sara looked at each other. Nyssa walked closer. I tensed up. And they KISSED! Might I have a new favorite couple on this show? I’m thinking so! Sadly, their introduction was cut short when Sara pulled away and the Arrow made his presence known. Sara told him to trust her, and she went off to talk on a rooftop with her ex-lover. Nyssa explained how Sara had taken an oath to the League of Assassins. The only person to ever be released form the League was Malcolm Merlyn, and we all know Ra’s regretted that one. Sara tried to explain that what was left of her soul couldn’t take all the killing, but Nyssa was more focused on how Sara had left her without saying goodbye. Sara told her that she had loved her … past tense, ouch. When Sara told Nyssa to do what she had to, she tensed, waiting to be killed. Instead, Nyssa walked away.

Across town, two slightly less nimble females were facing off. Felicity confronted Moira about Thea’s real paternity. Apparently Felicity had been watching one of Moira’s off-shore accounts when she saw a large wire transfer being sent to the doctor who delivered Thea — okay, so I owe Moira an apology for thinking she was going to kill the man — and Felicity had put two and two together with Moira’s affair. However, Moira used Felicity’s feelings for Ollie against her. She promised that if she told her son the news, he’d hate her just as much as he’d hate his own mother. Well, we’d have to wait and see on that one, because Ollie was getting his shirtless workout on! Beating a tire with a sledgehammer isn’t the sexiest thing I’ve seen on this show, but I’ll take what I can get.

At the hospital, Mama Lance was kidnapped. The Arrow and Canary quickly got dressed, hopped on his motorcycle and tried to chase down Nyssa. They failed, and Nyssa informed her ex that she had one day to retrieve her mother. Sara split off to think about what to do while Oliver headed over to introduce his mother at her mayoral announcement.

But just before he went on stage, Ollie finally called Felicity out on her uncharacteristic silence. She revealed that her father had abandoned her as a child, and she remembers how much it hurt when he left. With tears in her eyes, she told Oliver, “The thought of losing someone that important to me again…” And of course Oliver immediately knew what she was saying — because he gets her! — and he told her she wasn’t going to lose him, no matter what she had to say. She told him just as he was called onstage. Let’s just say that his speech wasn’t exactly seamless (though he did pull it off without punching his mother in the face, which I consider a win).

With time running out, Sara agreed to return to the League. At least that’s what she told Nyssa. But the fact that she was sitting at her own grave with poison in her hand suggested otherwise. Sara took Quentin to get her mother, and then she collapsed from the poison. Sorry Nyssa. Talk about rejection. After Ollie showed up and fought with Nyssa, Sara stopped him from killing her. She collapsed for a second time before Ollie gave her that medicine he brought back from the island. I have no idea how Sara got outside in the first place, but it worked: Nyssa released her from the League.

Sara was finally reunited with her family, including a very unhappy Laurel. Instead of hugging her sister, Laurel blamed Sara for everything that had gone wrong in their lives. She kicked her out of her apartment, and even threw a glass at her head for emphasis. Shocker: The glass had booze in it. [Insert rant about how Laurel makes everything about her.]

Finally, Ollie confronted his mother. He told her that their relationship was done. He would keep up appearances for Thea, and he would support her campaign publicly, but Moira had lost her son. However, it seemed she gained a nemesis. After Blood’s threats didn’t shake her, Slade decided he would take care of it. Surely, that’s bad news.

Typically, this is where I’d write about what we learned this week on the island, but tonight’s flashbacks predated the island. We saw what life was like in the Lance household just before Sara got on the boat (and just after). We watched as Laurel and Sara talked about Laurel’s plans to move in with Ollie, and then we watched as Sara texted him that she’d meet him at the docks. Then we watched as Laurel found out about the boat going down, right up to the moment Moira delivered the bad news that Sara had snuck on the boat at the last minute. All of this brought things back around to Sara, which was appropriate considering, in present day, she went to Oliver to tell him that she’s home. His response? He pressed his lips against hers and his shirtless salmon ladder-approved abs against her shirtless salmon ladder-approved abs. As much as my confusion was taking over in the moment, I couldn’t deny that it was hot. Suddenly, this react has come full circle.

So what did you all think of the episode? Surely it won’t be that easy for Sara to get out of the League, will it? What’s Slade’s next move? And is this night with Sara a one-time thing? Sound off in the comments below!


Quentin: “Where’d you two even meet?”

Sara: “Vigilante club.”

“I haven’t been this nervous since my wedding day … both of them.” -Moira

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