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February 05, 2014 at 03:30 PM EST
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After last week’s camping trip didn’t exactly go as planned, Stephen discovered his mother’s boyfriend wasn’t the paranormal he was looking for. Instead, he should’ve been looking at his own brother, Luca, who is now “breaking out.” So with a pair of sibling paranormals, the introduction of The Founder’s daughter, and a Cara-John clash, what does this week hold for The Tomorrow People?

We caught up with Peyton List to talk about the show’s newest character, what John and Stephen’s friendship will mean for Cara, and more:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: This week’s preview is all about The Founder’s daughter. What should we know about her going into this episode?

PEYTON LIST: Well, we don’t know much about her. And we don’t know much about The Founder going in. We know that he’s extremely powerful. We know that, obviously if he founded Ultra, he has a very long history with Ultra, and I, for one, did not see it coming that he would have a child. He just seems like one of those arch villains — you think that he’s at the office and then he goes home and he plugs into a wall or something. You don’t actually think he would have a life, right? So when we find out that he has a daughter and that she is possibly out in the open using powers, it sort of throws you because if you look at The Founder, he’s so powerful, one would assume that his child would be powerful. And we will get to know a little bit more about The Founder because of this breakout. And we’ll get to know a little bit about her and what it would’ve been like to have a parent like that because he’s still around. We know Stephen’s father was a powerful paranormal but he left and Stephen wasn’t raised with him, so it should be interesting to get to know what it would be like to grow up with a parent like that. It’s quite exciting because she may have certain powers that we’ve never seen before. Stephen had a power that we don’t have, so we’re looking at another second-generation Tomorrow Person and what possibilities that opens up.

Is she a threat to The Tomorrow People?

We have no idea. The thing is, we don’t know if she has her own agenda. If she appears to be on our side, do we really even know if she is on our side? We certainly know that The Founder, at least he’s capable of being duplicitous, so we sort of take a bit of caution going in, but at the same time, you now have Cara as the leader, who doesn’t have as much experience in this role, and she’s got to make the decisions. So we certainly see some challenges for Cara coming up, dealing with The Founder’s daughter because she’s got to make the call when she doesn’t really have that much information and is not entirely sure what she’s up against.

The thing I love the most about Cara as leader is how ballsy she is. It’s sometimes dangerous, but if she sees an opportunity, she goes for it.

Yes. She makes a decision, she sticks to it, for better or for worse, which makes her different from John. John liked to really suss out situations and try to see all the angles. He was basically raised at Ultra under Jedekiah, who is a very very strategic man and very intelligent and is much more tactical. So John being exposed to that, that affected how John handled the role of leader, whereas Cara sometimes wears her heart on her sleeve, and if she feels like someone’s in trouble, she’s gone. And that may have been great when she wasn’t leader and she had somebody to reel her back in, but now, when you have her in this role where she’s responsible for everybody and she just goes with her gut, it can be cause for some problems.

Up to this point, she and John have been doing a pretty good job of getting along in their new roles, but it sounds like that could all come to a head this week.

Yes. She’s been leader for about two, three episodes. She’s still very new to it. And when the power shift happened, while she was angry and upset with John for what he did, for lying, she kind of still had his back. And when this power shift happened, what we’ve noticed is that John has tried to stick by her and have her back. It was a democracy, she was voted as leader, so he accepted the decision and tried to help her navigate it. However, his personality, he’s a natural leader. So he may be trying to be the good guy and trying to be supportive, but it’s kind of against his nature. And that does eventually come to a head because he can’t really deny that he’s having these conflicting feelings.

I also want to touch on the upcoming friendship between Stephen and John. How is that going to affect Cara?

Well it’s one of those things where, while it is certainly strange, it is kind of a good thing, because what would be the alternative? They still hold onto the past and what Cara did and things are just a mess or is it better that they’re moving forward? It’s still weird. It’s still strange. There’s still the elephant in the room, and they’re trying to move on, but you know, sometimes it will throw Cara because they’ll be talking and making plans and hatching a plan to do something and she’s not a part of it, and that’s a very odd position to be in, especially since she was sort of the connection there. I love the stuff coming up. I love the stuff that we have for Stephen and John together, because it’s sort of a relationship that was built out of necessity – they’re sort of reliant on one another, whereas if they didn’t have these circumstances, they probably would hate each other. It’s interesting to see them move forward with that and always have this thing in the back of their mind but have to set it aside because it’s the best for everybody.

What’s going on with Luca this week? Will he be introduced to the world of The Tomorrow People?

We will explore that coming up. It’s a funny thing because none of us really saw it coming, and it’s the same thing for the characters. Luca’s been there the whole time, and we know that Roger was really powerful. It would make perfect sense that if he passed his powers onto Stephen, he would probably pass his powers onto Luca, and time has passed. The time when Stephen broke out, now Luca’s coming up on that age, and we don’t have a whole lot of sibling breakouts, so that’s a different dynamic and something to explore. We have Stephen who’s living a double life basically in his home and being a different person in his home than he is at Ultra, being a different person than he is when he’s down with the Tomorrow People in the underground subway, so that will definitely make a shift for the home life, because he’s been living a lie by himself. So with the potential of Luca breaking out, it will definitely make things shift.

I hear that Marla has a secret that might come out tonight. What can you tell us about what’s going on with her?

I’m a huge fan of Sarah Clarke, and I love Stephen’s mom’s character. She’s deceptively strong. What’s funny about the dynamic between Marla and Stephen is that she says some things here and there that if he wasn’t a Tomorrow Person, if none of this existed, you wouldn’t think twice about them. But because he’s very careful about what he says and having this secret identity, he tends to read into everything that everybody says. What did she mean by saying this? We touch on in the pilot, Stephen thinks he’s losing his mind, and to the human world, everybody around him, he does things that are really strange, and the camping trip just going completely awry, he looks like he’s absolutely lost it. We talk about how he just seems paranoid and all these things, but it’s because he doesn’t know what to believe. He’s starting to think that everybody’s a double agent, so I particularly like that we got to see more Marla, and we’ll see more about her story and how she’s dealing with Stephen’s behavior and how it’s sort of bleeding over into the family dynamic, especially when you throw Luca into the mix. So there’s very big reveals and plot twists in this upcoming episode with the Marla-Luca-Stephen family.

The Tomorrow People airs tonight at 9 p.m. on The CW.

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