The current eighth season will be Psych‘s last.

The long-running USA Network series will conclude Wednesday, March 26. The finale will be followed by a one hour live Pysch after show featuring a Q&A with the cast and show creator, Steve Franks.

Though the producers did not know about the cancellation until recently, they had an inkling this might be coming, sources says. So the final episode therefore feels like a suitable finale, with topics addressed like Juliet (Maggie Lawson) and Shawn’s (James Roday) relationship.

Psych is one of the rare cable dramas to surpass 100 episodes. Its legacy includes a two-hour musical, a 10-city college tour and five appearances at Comic-Con. “Psych has made an indelible imprint on the television landscape, with a unique brand of comedy,” said Chris McCumber, president of USA Network. “The final season celebrates the iconic characters that have made this show so beloved, and will be an exclamation point on the series’ incredible run. And while the series will wrap in March somehow I don’t believe we’ve heard the last of Shawn and Gus.”

Note that last sentence. While there is nothing in development at USA expanding Psych into another production, I’m told McCumber’s words were chosen carefully and that the network would like to perhaps find a way to bring the characters back someday (perhaps in a stand-alone movie, like USA did with Burn Notice).

In 2013, Psych averaged 4.2 million viewers. Below is a message from stars James Roday and Dule Hill about the final season: