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Is it just me, or is anyone else incredibly excited that Wren is back in the mix?! (Even if it’s only his name.) Personally, I think he and Ezra would make for one very attractive evil duo. Then again, I’m not sure I want Wren to be bad. Thoughts? Think it over while I recite the takeaways from tonight’s adventure in Rosewood.

Everybody seemed to be pairing off tonight, so let’s start with Emily and Shana. After Ali called Shana from a pay phone — P.S. where did that girl find a pay phone? And why is there one in a coffee shop currently functioning in 2014? — Emily got some answers out of the mystery girl. Apparently Shana really is batting for the right team. She only helped Wren pack boxes that one time because he put out a listing, and the whole thing with Paige was innocent. She needed to know more about Emily. And now, she needed Emily’s help. Ali wanted them to locate a French poster with twins in her room (twin theory!). In the back of the frame, Ali had hidden $5,000 and a piece of paper with someone’s contact information. Emily got it, but before Shana could retrieve it, “A” knocked her unconscious and drove her to the Rosewood sign, which politely told her “DON’T” come back to Rosewood. Sorry Ali, Shana hit the road … jack.

Duo number two consisted of Aria and Ezra (duh). After Aria almost spilled some of her secrets to Jesse, Ezra introduced himself to the new guidance counselor. It was awkward. I kind of liked it. I’m not really sure what’s going to come of it, but I hope it involves the two of them swapping hair care tips. But let’s get back to the loving pair. Aria and Ezra decided to head out to his creepy cabin for a weekend away. Aria wasn’t feeling it at first. She was tired of lying to her friends and wanted to leave, but Fitz convinced her that they needed to be each other’s best friend. He wants to be the one Aria shares everything with, the one she’s closest with. Mhmm, I’m sure that would be convenient for you, wouldn’t it?

Once Aria calmed down, Ezra started fixing dinner. But when he realized he forgot chickpeas, she offered to drive an hour to the nearest store. An hour? I would never go that far from civilization, no matter how cute my date was. (And I don’t even have a team of psychos after me.) But wait! After Aria left, the evil music started playing, and Ezra’s secret was revealed! That baddie DID have chickpeas!! He wanted her to get more because it turned out that they were his favorite snack to eat while stalking pictures of the Liars in his new lair, which is what was hidden in the basement of the cabin (a.k.a. what the trap door was all about).

When Aria fell asleep later that night, Ezra snuck out to his car, where he watched Spencer and Hanna at his apartment via a hidden camera and iPad combination. This brings us to our final pairing. Hanna had been watching Spencer closely all episode, and when she found out that Spencer had been Googling Fitz, she was not pleased. The duo went to check out his apartment when Spencer noticed the camera watching them. (Wait, so Ezra leaves his key under the mat but has a camera parked nearby?) The Liars quickly turned around and left, but Hanna finally seemed convinced. So with that, Hanna, Emily, and a drugged-out Spencer met up to share their findings.

In our final moments, we saw Ali get on a bus to somewhere (odds are the town’s name will end in “wood”), and a black hoodie open a package full of Wren’s prescription pads. Were they stolen? That’s TBD.

So what did you all think of the episode? Should we be reading into Detective Holbrook’s comment about giving Hanna a book about teeth? And when are the girls going to tell Aria what they’ve found? Was that the last of Shana? And, most importantly: Do you think Ezra’s intimidating when he wears cargo shorts, because I just can’t deal. Also, did he change into his black hat and hoodie just to go sit in his car? Maybe it helps him get the evil juices flowing? Hey, if all else fails, we know that chickpeas do the trick. Speaking of which, least intimidating evil snack ever? Definitely.

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