By Sandra Gonzalez
Updated February 05, 2014 at 06:00 AM EST
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Spoiler alert! If you haven’t seen tonight’s episode of The Originals, do not read on!

If there’s anything fans of The Vampire Diaries and The Originals have learned in their time following the shows, it’s that dead doesn’t always mean goodbye.

Unless, apparently, your name is Sophie Deveraux.

Yup, if executive producer Julie Plec is to be believed, we’ve seen the last of Daniella Pineda as the poor witch, who tonight was brutally killed by her own niece following the latter’s resurrection. (Read our recap here.) “I think that in this particular case, the witches have taken their vengeance against a non-believer,” Plec says. “I don’t think there’s much of a hope for her to recover, given that more often than not you need witch intervention to have a second chance at life. So I think this may be the end of Ms. Sophie.”

The development, says Plec, was not something the writers had planned from the beginning of the Harvest storyline. But once they determined there would have to be a “pretty horrible, hideous consequence” to Sophie’s efforts to foil the event, they decided death was the “ultimate consequence.”

Frankly, we’ll believe it when we see it — or, rather, don’t see her again. “She just didn’t — when all was said in done — have the right faith, even in herself as a leader, to carry it off,” she says.

As for the next few episodes, Plec teased a few of the things we’ll see coming. Read the highlights below:

+ The next episode is going to be crazy. “It’s new for us; it’s something we’ve never done before,” says Plec. “We go outside of the Quarter and we put Rebekah and Klaus into a trap situation in a creepy, horrible, messed-up sanitarium from back in the day. And Genevieve, just basically, working between the two of them enacts her revenge.” Fans will also learn why Genevieve’s revenge is specifically targeted at Rebekah and “what exactly she’s going to do to make Rebekah suffer as much as possible.” Meanwhile, Elijah is going to be tasked with helping his siblings, but will have some guilt over choosing to help Hayley first. “I think there’s a guilt attached to that; there’s a shame attached to that,” Plec says of his decision. “There’s a logic attached to it, of course — when in doubt, save the baby. But it definitely drives him very hard to rescue his siblings in the next episode and to try to pull the family back together even as it’s under assault.”

+ You’ve only seen the beginning of the Wrath of the Witches. “This whole chapter has definitely shown us that the resurrected witches have a mission and it’s personal,” says Plec. “They get as close to succeeding in tearing apart this family as possibly we’ve ever seen, and the outcome of what it is the witches do to our Original family will have eternal repercussions for their dynamic.”

+ You will see Jackson again…probably. While there won’t be another full moon for a few episodes, “this is our first taste of the Crescent Wolves,” says Plec. “With luck and schedules and all those things in our favor, we’ll be able to have a nice good story with them.” The wolves will become especially prevalent, says Plec, around episode 17, which, “definitely brings the werewolves much closer to the front of the line as the other supernatural factions are trying to figure out their way with each other in the quarter. Suddenly there’s werewolves to be reckoned with as well,” she teases.

+ The second half of the season will see action…and a baby! “I would say the second half of the season,” says Plec, “is the consequences of having… f—ed with the harvest in the first place — the revenge as enacted by these witches, the disintegration of the Original family as a result, and the rebuilding of both the family and the city in the fallout once the fallout from the witches and the dust settles from that. And of course, there’s a baby coming.”

+ Don’t expect to see Caroline in the Quarter…probably. Klaus made a promise that he wouldn’t return to Mystic Falls, but does that mean Caroline will never step in New Orleans? “Caroline is very clear that she’s got other plans. She’s got some stuff she’s got to deal with, he’s got some stuff he’s got to deal with, so the plans to cross paths with them don’t seem very realistic,” says Plec. That said, “that doesn’t mean that in life there aren’t opportunities.”

+ There will be another flashback episode. “There’s a whole lot of story to tell about what happened in 1919,” says Plec. “[In the next episode] we definitely get a little flavor of New Orleans at the end of the influenza epidemic of 1919. Then in the episode after that, we really dig into what happens during that period. We’ll see if Mikael got the message about somebody looking for him in the French Quarter.”


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