By JoJo Marshall
February 05, 2014 at 06:14 PM EST
Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Style Rookie” Tavi Genvinson – the coolest, quirkiest, little fashionista-feminist to ever pen a blog – has just gotten two more book deals approved. The projects will be two “yearbooks,” which feature highlights from her online mag, Rookie. If you don’t already read her blogs, then get over there now. She thanks Ira Glass and Jane Pratt for being her guardian angels. Get me in on that please! If only we all had this much moxie at 17 years old. Le sigh. [Yahoo]

Mark Helprin, the author of Winter’s Tale, is publishing a new novel called, wait for it… Avocado, according to a press release. If this one is made into a movie, I’m betting they’ll do a title change. SPOILER: it is not a cookbook on avocados. If it were, I would have pre-ordered it already.

Author Rose Barber thinks that Christopher Marlowe faked his death and changed his identity to William Shakespeare, which she writes about in her book The Marlowe Papers. I’m so over people spinning conspiracy theories on William Shakespeare. Let’s just agree he’s a genius and somewhat shrouded in mystery and leave it at that. [Huffington Post]

Speaking of tarnishing the mythology of famous authors, Robert Frost has generated some controversy over the years with accusations of his being a bad dad and generally just a snarly character. Isn’t that pretty much par for the course with famous authors? Unless an author turns out to be a closet sweetheart, I’d rather not know what he’s like in person. But if you don’t feel the same then, get excited because Robert Frost’s letters are being published by Harvard later this month. [New York Times]