Just in time for the NBA’s All-Star Weekend, the commentators of TNT’s Inside the NBA are welcoming some very special guests. Yes, at long last, host Ernie Johnson and analysts Shaquille O’Neal, Kenny Smith, and Charles Barkley will join forces with DC’s superhero team the Justice League to play basketball — and possibly fight evil, if any supervillain dares get in the way of the basketball. The crossover occurs in The Justice League Goes Inside the NBA: All Star Edition, a new limited edition comic book that will be distributed for free at the NBA All-Star Jam Session in New Orleans from February 13-16.

EW is excited to share an exclusive preview of the issue, which sees Superman, Green Lantern, Steel, and the Flash take part in a charity basketball game. (META ALERT: This means that Shaq will come face to face with Steel, the character he played in the 1997 movie.) It’s unclear at this point what positions each character will play, although easy money says that Superman is the point guard, Steel is the center, Green Lantern is the Reggie Miller-esque trash talking shooting guard, and The Flash is probably more into track and field, to be honest. Click on the image below to zoom in for a closer look — TNT’s coverage of All-Star weekend starts next week!