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Forget going medieval — the Transformers are going pre-historic.

Even when you see the finished movie, it can be hard to comprehend exactly just went down in a Transformers film. A short Super Bowl spot is even harder to figure out, although that’s probably by design.

Transformers: Age of Extinction dropped a great big heaping wallop of metal-on-metal ass-kicking on Sunday, with a few clues about some of the new robot characters that may tantalize kids who grew up on the ’80s TV cartoon.

Let’s see if we can take a few guesses at what we’re seeing …

Obviously, no doubt about it, without question — this is Grimlock, the all powerful Autobot who shapeshifts into the form of a T-Rex, but struggles with his grammar. “Me, Grimlock …” he was fond of declaring. Well, here we see him back in full-on rage mode with Optimus Prime astride his back, wielding a sword.

We all know these Transformers films are not the most thoughtful pieces of work ever created, with Michael Bay preferring never to slow down the pulse of his films, leaving them in a constant state of frenzy. But come on… a robot swordsman riding a robot dinosaur. Okay, okay… More please.

In addition to the robot dinosaur, we also seem to be getting a two-headed robot dragon. Shades of Transformers: Beast Wars here? Or is that merely another dinobot — the pterodactyl Swoop — given an double-cranium upgrade as he dives down to help/attack Bumblebee?

The green coloring of this paratrooper-bot made me initially wonder if we were seeing Hound, who in the original series transformed into an Army jeep. But the brilliant emerald hue doesn’t suit the camo-style of Hound. It does, however, match the Corvette Stingray concept car spotted on the Transformers 4 set — reportedly an Autobot named Crosshairs.

So far we’ve seen a robot dinosaur, a robot dragon, and now — a robot cape.

Finally, one of the trailer’s big mysteries …

In the last movie, the Decepticon leader Megatron finally seemed to have met his demise. But is Megatron… really dead? As anyone who’s seen 1986’s Transformers: The Movie can tell you, “This is bad comedy!

This robot, detailed with blue streamlining now, looks at awful lot like Megatron, but… not quite. Just enough to remind us of the fallen villain, but different enough to be this new character — and do what Galvatron was born to do: SELL MORE TOYS!

Here we see him slicing and dicing, probably demonstrating Michael Bay’s real-life attitude toward economy cars.

The ’86 film featured an assassinated Megatron resurrected as the equally gun-crazy Galvatron. The toy version literally had bullets on the brain (since he had a gun barrel for a head.)

It’s hard to tell from the trailer, and the shoulder gear doesn’t look the same, but is this gun-faced fellow the same ‘bot?

If so — hey everybody, meet Galvatron!

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