Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Thirty-three years ago today, the world was given a gift: Justin Timberlake. The singer, actor, and all-around dreamboat has given us so much in his 33 years, from his collaborations with The Lonely Island to his chart-topping albums. To celebrate this special day, we rounded up 33 reasons why we think the birthday boy is the bee’s knees. Ain’t nobody love you like we love you, Justin.

1. Because he was part of, nay, the star of, the best boy band of all time.

2. Because “D*** in a Box.”

3. Because he went to Taco Bell after winning three People’s Choice Awards. Talk about good taste in celebratory meals!

4. Because he based the video for “Mirrors” on his grandparents’ relationship and gave us something to watch when we’re in the mood to happy-cry.

5. Because without him, there would be no “Justin Timberlake Does Things” blog and that would be very sad.

6. Because a Marine asked him to be her date to the Marine Corps Birthday Ball and he actually went with her. On a related note, Justin, will you be my date to uh, life?

7. Because he co-starred in Friends with Benefits, the superior of the two 2011 romantic comedies based on sexy friendships. (OK, that one’s a lie, No Strings Attached was also life-changing.)

8. Because he owns a Southern-inspired restaurant in New York called Southern Hospitality, meaning he probably is someone who is down to eat biscuits and gravy all the time. There aren’t enough of those people in this world.

9. Because he married Jessica Biel and therefore gave her the chance to wear the best wedding dress in the history of wedding dresses.

10. Because he played Sean Parker in The Social Network and all the sudden he was no longer Jason Sharp from Model Behavior.

11. Because he was once Jason Sharp from Model Behavior.

12. Because he knows how to dress. Except when he wears fedoras. But we’ll let that slide.

13. Because he once dressed up as Ernie so he could attend Comic-Con in peace.

14. Because he was so great singing “500 Miles” and “Please Mr. Kennedy” in Inside Llewyn Davis that we kinda wish he would do a folk album next. Please, Mr. Timberlake?

15. Because his friendship was Jay-Z is adorable.

16. Because his hair was the inspiration for the now-classic term “ramen noodle hair.”

17. Because he and his hair were able to move past the ramen noodle stage.

18. Because “My Love” is the love song of the century. No matter that there are still 86 years left in this century.

19. Because getting the Video Vanguard Honor at this year’s VMAs meant lots of stage time, allowing JT to stage an NSYNC reunion and making hearts everywhere beat faster.

20. Because “Summer Love” from FutureSex/LoveSounds may be eight years old but is still the ultimate summer song. Take that, “Blurred Lines”!

21. Because he makes music videos that give us an excuse to stare at his face for minutes at a time.

22. Because boy can dance. If there’s a Magic Mike sequel, I nominate him for a role.

23. Because he hosts Saturday Night Live all the time and never fails at making us crack up. Ever.

24. Because he talked about how upset he was that critics were bashing him for his acting in Runner Runner in an interview with GQ and showed us that even the always-peppy Justin Timberlake has feelings too.

25. Because he has a beautiful friendship with Jimmy Fallon and they make beautiful videos together like 2013’s “#Hashtag.” Hashtag #LOVETHEM.

26. Because he brought SexyBack.

27. Because he can cover a Jackson 5 song and actually do it justice. Evidence: His rendition of “Shake Your Body.”

28. Because he’s been entertaining us since he was just a little 10-year-old on The Mickey Mouse Club.

29. Because it was sad when he and Britney Spears broke up but “Cry Me a River” came out of it, so it was kind of worth it.

30. Because after singing “That Girl” at a December show in Kentucky, he let a guy propose to his girlfriend on stage. Aww!

31. Because he was the first celebrity to be pranked on Punk’d and got really emotional when Dax Shepard, playing an agent, told him the government took away his dogs and put them in a pound. Man loves his dogs.

32. Because those eyes. Those beautiful blue eyes. Sigh.

33. Because after 23 years in the entertainment world, we’re still not sick of him. Not even close.