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Modern Family definitely has a gay agenda coming up, but it’s not what you think! We all know that Cameron and Mitchell are preparing for their big wedding day on the ABC sitcom, but before they can make it to the altar, there needs to be a wild and crazy Las Vegas bachelor party! However, as Eric Stonestreet told us when he stopped by Entertainment Weekly Radio (SiriusXM, channel 105), it won’t be Cam & Mitchell’s bachelor party. “We just shot an episode that was kind of an anti-bachelor party episode in Vegas,” says the man who plays Cam. “When we get there we run into Langham, Mitchell’s ex played by the great Fred Armisen, and he’s there having his bachelor party. And they say ‘Well, while you’re here, feel free to stop by,’ and he hands me a piece of paper with all the happenings, and I turn and I go, ‘Wow, an actual gay agenda.’ So I sneak off and go and participate in their bachelor party while Mitchell gets a sauna and gets a massage.”

But that’s just the tip of the Eric Stonestret iceberg, and you can hear the entire conversation right here and right now on the InsideTV Podcast. Who loses it and breaks character the most on set? Eric tells us! Who is Stonestreet’s favorite prank target? Eric reveals him! (Or is it…her?) And why is Modern Family known as “the fastest show in the business?” Eric explains! All that, plus Stonestreet picks his favorite episode ever and drops some more teases on upcoming episodes that involve Cam and Mitchell’s wedding day as well as…calf implants? Just click on the audio player below to hear the whole conversation for yourself.

And there’s more where that came from. Funnyman Jeff Garlin also stops by the studio to talk about the magical 1980s as portrayed on ABC’s The Goldbergs. And will we ever see more Curb Your Enthusiasm? Garlin gives the latest update on the possible return of the HBO comedy. Also, can Jeff Garlin pick out which of his lines are from which TV shows and movies that he starred in? Find out when he plays a round of You Said It!

And there’s still more where that came from. Jenna Morasca and I also make some bold 2014 TV predictions. Will there be a gay Bachelor on ABC? Will Jimmy Fallon succeed where Conan O’Brien failed? And will a certain Walking Dead character make it out of this TV season alive? listen in to hear our predictions.

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