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You might want to treat yo’self to a box of Kleenex: It is time to bid adieu to Chris Traeger, literally the most optimistic (and fastest) person in Pawnee, and Ann Perkins (Ann Perkins!), you beautiful, naïve, sophisticated newborn baby. Yes, the last episode of Parks and Recreation featuring Rob Lowe and Rashida Jones airs tonight at 8:30 p.m. on NBC, as Chris and Ann ride off together into the Midwest sunset (before Lowe becomes a tennis pro and Jones joins the LAPD).

“It was exactly as bittersweet as I imagined it would be,” executive producer Michael Schur says of filming the pair’s final installment. “It was as bitter and as sweet. And it was as celebratory as you can be while still being a little sad.” How will Knope cope without her best friend? Status: Unclear. In the meantime, Leslie (Amy Poehler) will attempt to send off Ann with an over-the-big-top bash and to make good on an old promise, while Ben (Adam Scott), Ron (Nick Offerman), and Andy (Chris Pratt) find that giving a goodbye gift to Chris is harder than they thought. What else can you expect from this farewell episode, titled “Ann and Chris”? Schur dropped 15 hints to EW:

1. “Leslie has planned a night of surprises for Ann, and the biggest surprise will bring their friendship full-circle. They end up going on a crazy, town-wide mission and run into a few old friends.”

2. “Leslie is the only person in the world who could throw a party that has the Easter Bunny, a New Year’s Eve countdown clock and a Presidents’ Day booth at one event. She has hired a lot of people to help with the party, including the least likely Easter Bunny portrayer in Pawnee.”

3. “Over the course of the episode, you’ll learn the only three items that Ron considers appropriate gifts for people. One of them is an index card.”

4. “For the second time in the last year, Chris gets to impersonate a famous historical figure.”

5. “Among the parting gifts that Leslie has for Ann are 103 scrapbooks, with titles like ‘The Sisterhood of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants,’ ‘Eat, Read Eat, Pray, Love, Talk,’ and ‘Rachel Got Off the Plane: Choice, Chance and Romance in Post-Clinton America.'”

6. “It’s not quite the same as what Leslie does for Ann, but Ben figures out the proper way to send Chris off to his new city.”

7. “April (Aubrey Plaza) helps Ann pack. Ann didn’t ask her to.”

8. “Andy and Ann have a final conversation in which Andy gives her a farewell that’s very fitting for their relationship.”

9. “Larry (Jim O’Heir) gives Ann an incredibly heartfelt emotional speech. Ten seconds later, he’s crying for an entirely different reason.”

10. “Donna (Retta) is saved by Ann from wandering down a fruitless path.”

11. “Tom (Aziz Ansari) receives the perfect gift from Chris, which makes him want to be a thoughtful person for the first time in his life.”

12. “You learn a revelation about Ann’s love life that’s so secret, not even Leslie knew.”

13. “Without giving away names, someone cries and another person chastises the crier for getting salt water on a piece of wood.”

14. “Ann introduces her new WWE-style wrestling move: The Pregnant Headlock.”

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15. “For one last glorious time, you get to see what it’s like when Chris Traeger dances.”

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